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Madison F. - 17795 Dialogue Writer from Barrie


Dear Hiring Manager, It is with great enthusiasm that I am applying for the listed Dialogue Writer position as advertised on the website LinkedIn. I am a graduate from SAIT’s New Media Production & Design program and I have had the opportunity to develop not only my design skills but also my ability to communicate within a professional environment. I am known for ensuring clear communication in regards to projects, and my ability to prioritize professional working relationships. During my time at Ultrium Capital I proposed the integration of a Scope of Work system to help maintain a greater level of organization and time management between departments. My experiences as a Visual Designer at Under the Roof Decorating, and in Marketing at Urban Upgrades & NewInfills, have reinforced the importance of storytelling. Each campaign and project has to have a narrative in mind, something to make the audience feel or think. Knowing how environments, and circumstances can change an individual's psyche can give you an advantage when considering how to create an end product. This is reinforced by research and mapping out a customer's experience from start to end. As an avid player of Dungeons & Dragons, and the occasional Dungeon Master, I am always thinking about characters, arcs, and motivations. This hobby has also increased my interest in vocal range and audio - how inflection, accents, and wording can alter how a persona is perceived. Considering the interactions between characters, and what-if scenarios are important when facing a constantly branding narrative. I have used this to also practice some voice acting and voice over work. My main outlet for creative writing over the years has been text-based roleplaying. This process has allowed me to learn to collaborate with others openly to world-build and come up with plot hooks and characters that are flushed out and can come to life. Writing with many different individuals has given me adaptability and experience in facing roadblocks, and keeping the pacing right to maintain interest. For samples of my work (writing samples and more) I would like to direct you to to view at your convenience. Under the menu tab ‘Writing’ you can find a few examples of my narrative style in different forms. I have also personally voiced some lines that I have written which you can find under the ‘Voice/Audio’ tab. Please find enclosed my resume for your consideration and reference. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you further , and I would like to thank you for your time. Sincerely, Madison Figg

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