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You have a successful business and put all your effort and resources into a new project, but somehow after the kick-off, the users seem more likely to click on your competitor’s sites. Maybe the reason lies in the faults, which managed to find the loopholes in your software.

So, it’s about time you did software testing and quality assurance. Geolance digital marketplace might be the right choice for you.

Poor work process organization is the core pitfall in quality assurance. The more time you use unproductively, the less value for money you get. Specialists on our marketplace have all the QA processes up and running, and they make sure that testing software is a highly efficient process by:

  • Avoiding unnecessary processes during quality assurance testing
  • Facilitating communication between your company’s departments, thus increasing work efficiency
  • Responding promptly to users’ feedback
  • Ensuring that your applications work properly in real-time.

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