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Quality assurance and quality control testing are the pillars of creating efficient working software. Geolance digital marketplace provides specialists to make your product as reliable as possible. However, you should keep in mind that QA and QC are different processes with their procedures, methods, and aims.

QC is for making sure that the product a company delivered meets the defined standards of quality. It is a reactive approach, and its goal is to identify the defects of the software. Quality control testing is one of the essential activities of the QC process, and it checks whether the product complies with its functional and other requirements.

QA is a broader term than QC and is a defined sequence of procedures, methods, and activities aimed at preventing faults occurring. Its ultimate goal is to create a system of quality management, which will ensure that the customer’s requirements are met. IT quality assurance is the result of the continuous working experience in the company management, production team, and all the stakeholders.

Specialists on our marketplace pay much attention to requirements management to have a clear vision of what it is the customer wants.
Our experts carry out the verification and validation of the developed system so that we are sure of the QA and QC quality.
They assess the risks to be able to prevent and timely react to any arising factors, which may influence the quality of the software.
QA and QC experts choose the best testing methods to detect the faults of the product.
they integrate the QA and QC practices for better results.

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