Radiators Installation and Replacement


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Heating repair service is an essential component of the renovation. It is a considerable investment, so you should try to keep it as long as possible. For example, a new radiator will bring a good return on investment for many years. Some companies exchange old radiators for new ones at no additional cost to the customer when performing renovation work! Qualified technicians in your home will carry out the removal process - they wear protective clothing and work gloves to avoid injury. The radiators are carefully disassembled, especially those that are connected with water pipes. The new models are connected in the same way as the old ones before their removal (the connection type is noted when ordering parts).

The heating system has a complex structure, complicated technology and is one of the most expensive types of heating.

For this reason, it is essential to carry out its proper maintenance.

The main goal of the heating system - provides a comfortable environment in the house or apartment by creating a warm climate. This will contribute to comfort and health, as well as reduce energy costs.

The replacement procedure is carried out in phases. There are many nuances in each stage:

To choose the best radiator for a specific room, you must first evaluate your options. Panel radiators, columnar radiators, and sectional radiators are all available. The strength of a radiator is essential; corrosion resistance and heat dissipation are also factors to consider.

Preparation. Closing off the water in the heating system and draining (or pumping out) water. In addition, measurements are taken, pipe lengths are calculated, and other essential computations are completed at this time.

Materials costs. Heating radiators are not available with any accessories. They'll also need to buy faucets, gaskets, and seals for them.

They are removing the battery. Replacing radiators in an apartment necessitates the careful removal of existing batteries. Old radiators are most often connected with squeegees, according to standard practice. Batteries are generally removed using a hacksaw or a Dremel tool - it is critical to mark the most accurate level so that new radiators do not create further difficulties.

It is preferable to position the heating thermostat in a fixed spot. If you must replace your heating radiators, choose placement locations with care to not interfere with each other. It's preferable if the relocation of heating radiators is planned ahead of time. New radiators should be set at least 10-15 cm from the floor. The distance between the battery and the window sill should be at least 15 cm long, and there should be a 3-4 centimetre space between it and the wall.

Heating batteries are installed in the apartment. At this point, you may lodge a heating radiator. Fastening brackets, fabricating pipes on a riser, installing shut-off equipment, attaching radiators to frames and a riser, pressure testing are all part of the process.

What factors should be considered before giving someone the responsibility of radiator replacement?

The cost of the service is an essential concern for the customer, considering that it is preferable to entrust the process to a master. The following factors influence pricing for heating radiator installation:

Do you want the apartment's battery to be changed as soon as possible? It is worth entrusting the task to a seasoned, competent, and honest artisan. The Geolance project will help you locate a specialist with low prices. The client on this service has the option of paying for the wizard's work out of pocket or asking someone they know if they would be interested in performing it. Use our project to order safe, high-quality, and inexpensive services.

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