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Repair iPhone

The iPhone is a well-thought-out mini-office that allows you to work, study, share photos and choose online entertainment for all tastes. It would seem that such a fancy version of communication is almost eternal, and the iPhone's breakdown is something so distant and poorly represented. However, the iPhone service center and non-certified points regularly renew mobile devices people turn to them.

You do not need a fitness bracelet because you can use the pedometer from the phone. However, you need to scan the document, name the caller, pick up the melodies for each subscriber, remind yourself about the urgent execution of a particular case - iPhone performs these and many other valuable options. About 1 million applications will help you feel free in the virtual world.

iPhone repairs are not so complicated and expensive as you think.

The following tips will help you fix your device. Repair iPhone with their own hands is easy, but if you are uncertain about the work of the diagnosis, it makes sense to address for qualified assistance or to go to an official service center. After that, do not forget about regular preventive maintenance.

iPhone screen repair: the display is covered with a thin glass glued to the device's front panel. If it breaks, both genuine apple parts will need to be replaced. The cost of replacement - $150-250. With some difficulty, you can do this yourself: carefully separate the broken film on top of all tools that will help you find a hairdryer, a toothpick and super glue. If the iPhone is still covered by warranty, it's not worth saving an additional $150.

iPhone battery replacement: very often, the cause of failure is that the phone does not hold a charge. In this case, replacement of the power cell phone will be enough. However, it will cost you about $80-90 - a little more expensive than installation. The procedure is similar to the screen: open the back case with a hairdryer, remove everything from the battery and install a new one.

iPhone WiFi repair: by all means, it is most desirable to check this point before taking your device for an expensive WiFi replacement. Disconnect the cable from the socket and check if the network broadcast. If it is absent, then you should replace the transmitter antenna.

Broken iPhone

Broken iPhone data cable: if the device does not charge, you need to check cable connections at both ends. If charging is also not present, try to replace the charger itself - it may have failed.

iPhone speaker repair is checked by playing sounds on a recorded track. iPhone speakers are small but mighty sound emitters that can produce noise even at maximum volume. So it is worth checking if they do not press against something or are not broken screens. If the speaker still does not work, it has to be changed, which will cost $25-40.

iPhone headphone repair is a widespread problem - the 3.5 mm jack gets easily broken off from the primary device. If the iPhone still does not produce sound, you need to replace the headphone jack, which will cost $25-40.

Syncing problem: if iTunes cannot connect to the iPhone, there should be nothing wrong with your computer or Apple account - try to change USB cables and other possible options that we have provided below.

Apple genuine parts: to replace the screen and other components will need original Apple equipment. It is available to purchase at any official store: the cost of such services - $150-250, depending on the model and condition of your iPhone.

iPhone water damage repair: if you have dropped the device into the water, it should be immediately removed from there and try to dry it as quickly as possible. If you take the phone before 24 hours, there is a way to save her. As soon as possible, try not to turn on iPhone - this may cause death! It all depends on what kind of water has affected your device: pure or salty. Purified water does not leave any salts and minerals that corrode the internal components of gadgets and cause rust. This is especially true for distilled water - it does not contain anything that would cover unclosed parts.

Saline water, which contains salt, has a terrible effect on iPhone: corrosion elements eat up all its holes and circuits, gradually weakening breakability. However, you can use a bag of rice for too long to save the device. Instead, put it in a container, cover your phone with this substance and leave it for 2-3 days.

Rinse the iPhone with pure alcohol. It will not only remove the existing salt deposits but make sure that corrosion does not occur further. Do not use tap water or regular tap water since it can cause rust. Alcohol evaporates quickly and does not leave any impurities behind. After these procedures, your iPhone must be dried for several days at room temperature.

iPhone liquid damage repair: if the phone still works, but there are spots on the screen or other traces of water contact, you should take your device to the service center for water damage repair. It will cost $80- 180.

iPhone speaker problem: this is one of the most common problems after water contact. After drying, you should recheck your headphones and speakers. This test can be done in two ways: playing sound on a recorded track or listening to speaker mode music. If you still hear nothing, it is time to change the speaker.

iPhone headphone jack problem: speakers are usually not repaired by themselves, but if there is a headphone jack, the earphone should work after water damage repair. The thing is that the whole part of the speaker has to be exchanged for this type of damage although it is quite expensive - $50-70.

iPhone headphone jack problem: if headphones work fine, but the speakers do not, you should check your sound settings on your device. After water damage repair, switching to silent mode may solve the problem with no sound. If it does not help, then reset all settings. This will cost $50.

iPhone charging port replacement: Sometimes, the USB cable does not fit into the phone, so there is no way to charge your iPhone. If you have changed the cord several times and it still will not work, you can check if there is any dirt or rust in this part of your device. Cleaning of switchboard costs $50 and more.

iPhone does not turn on: if you have tried all the points mentioned above, but your device still does not get started, you most likely need to change the battery. This will cost $80-100.

iPhone overheating problem: it is also possible that iPhone can overheat and shut itself down as a safety mode after water damage. If you find that your phone gets hot for no reason, go to the service center and check whether there is any liquid inside. If not, then change your battery - it may be at fault.

iPhone display damage: if only the screen is destroyed by water, its replacement will cost $150-200.

iPhone speaker and headphone jack damage: the whole part of the device has to be changed for good work after water damage repair.

iPhone liquid damage repair and any other type of phone repair will cost you a lot, but if your device is still under warranty, then it should not cause problems. If you have to change something yourself, do not rush to throw away the device. You can visit the iFixYouri reseller in your city for high-quality iPhone repair service!

A contact at a local store told me that a similar problem was diagnosed as physical damage, and therefore, they would be replacing my phone for $240. I suspect that it is also a problem caused by the device being placed in my back jeans pocket with the volume rocker pointing outwards. I'm wondering if this will be recognized as a manufacturing defect or if it needs to go through a warranty first for them to replace it.

I don't want to spend $300 on an iPhone that looks like it's got its fair share of abuse (I'm clumsy), but I also don't want to fork out $240 on a piece that the warranty will cover.

Thank you so much for this article! Unfortunately, my phone is already getting worse - the volume buttons are now stuck down and don't come up again, so I can't adjust the volume at all. I'm hoping that there's still just some liquid in it somewhere, but I haven't taken it apart yet.

I have an iPhone 4 submerged in water for approximately six seconds today. I immediately grabbed dry items to place around the phone and took off the back panel to allow moisture to escape. I left the phone sitting open for about an hour before turning it on and seeing what damage had happened. It is now giving the headphone jack error message; however, no headphones would plug into the jack before I attempted to turn the device. Is this a sign that there is more water damage than first thought? Will my phone continue to function like normal, or will this error message become a nuisance?

I plugged it in and got the same screen, so I'm thinking no. Is there any way to know for sure, though? I've seen some people say that unplugging and plugging the headphone cord into different ports sometimes helps, but not always.

Reasons to contact a repair service.

The mobile device does not turn on. There is an immediate panic because it is impossible to understand whether it will be possible to apple store downloaded video files, photos, carefully selected music. Maybe it's the battery, but do not check it because the screen remains dark, no matter how many times you press the power button.

Camera deactivated. The camera loop is imperceptibly disconnected, so it does not respond to the incoming command. At the same time, the flashlight may stop working.

Repair of iPhone glass is required in case of accidental fall of the gadget. For example, you, one of your close friends, accidentally dropped a device that landed on a hard floor. Or it happened on the street and was accompanied by a blow to the asphalt. Or maybe a domestic cat accidentally swept him off the table? When falling, the glass cracks, pieces are reflected at the corners, the latches of the back cover break. of course, someone is trying to use the phone without glass in an emergency, but the ingress of dust and moisture in open areas can damage other phone components.

A relatively weak point is the microphones and speaker. They are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, and if moisture gets inside of it is formed during condensation, go and find out how much it costs to repair an iPhone.

The home button has stopped working well. Your device may have fallen, the contacts have become oxidized, the problem is in the loop, damaged by a sharp opening of the phone cover. The sad thing is that the fingerprint scanner will stop working even when you replace the button, as it is set to contact only with the "native" version of the element.

It is not possible to use the speakerphone button. This is because a falling gadget can damage the audio codec chip.

The battery then shows a full charge. Then after a short time, it is rapidly approaching zero. The phone is connected to the socket at night, and by morning it has time to gain only 25-30% of total power. First, check whether the connector is clean or clogged with dust. If the reason is this, it will be a quick repair of the iPhone. When the user replaces the lead charger, a Chinese cord is purchased, but it shuts down the iPhone battery quickly. What do the most enterprising citizens usually do? Change the battery to a similar one, bought somewhere along the way. As a result, the situation repeats itself. Regular discharge to zero also hurts the battery.

Code errors are recognized only after contacting the professionals. The numerical designation depends on the brand of the device.

iPhone screen repair

the computer does not recognize iPhone. The phone is charging, but it does not open via the adapter (the plug does not fit in), although it works fine on any other device. Most likely, this is a problem with the connecting body, most often - the lightning connector. When you connect an iPhone to a laptop, no messages come up on the cracked iPhone screen replaced.

The computer does not recognize iPhone. The phone is charging, but it does not open via the adapter (the plug does not fit in), although it works fine on any other device. Most likely, this is a problem with the connecting body, most often - the lightning connector. So when you connect an iPhone to a laptop, no messages come up on the screen.

Repair of iPhone glass is required in case of accidental fall of the gadget. For example, you, one of your close friends, accidentally dropped a device that landed on a hard floor. Or it happened on the street and was accompanied by a blow to the asphalt.

On the services provider, Geolance, you may discover specialists with vast practical expertise in mobile device partial repair and whole restoration. The essence of this service is the speed with which professionals respond to submitted applications and the capacity to manage/establish/agree on the cost of repair independently. You will also locate a helpful specialist based on client feedback and submit a personalized request for service.

iPhone glass replacement

Your phone is not working after falling into the water. The problem with this type of damage is that there are no visible signs of liquid penetration on the surface of the device, and therefore, it will require a more thorough examination/examination at an authorized service center. Here we conclude: iPhone repair is a must in case of liquid contact! A wet phone does not work. Even if you find an old-school solution, such as putting it in a bag of rice overnight, the guarantee will be void and the device may still break down after a while.

iPhone screen is broken

One of the most popular iPhone problems is its open screen. It can be an unfortunate event, but it does not mean that you have to buy a new device. The only thing you should do is contact our service center and let them fix your phone in no time! The solution for this issue will depend on many factors.

iPhone no sound or sound has become quiet

The reason for this problem can be various. If the handset has fallen, there is a possibility that some of the elements were damaged by an impact. But not constantly losing leads to malfunctions - water damage is also familiar with iPhones. We recommend turning off your phone entirely and removing any protective case. Then leave it for a while to dry.

iPhone touch screen problems

Does your iPhone not respond to touches or taps of fingers on specific points on the screen when using the device? This is an indication that the glass of the display has been damaged. If you are lucky enough, there will be no dead zones of varying size, and you can continue to use your device in a standard model, but in the worst-case scenario, you will have to replace the glass.

If you need to repair a non-working device, it is best to contact a service center - it must be done in some instances when there is no alternative way out of the situation. It is worth noting that all work will be carried out at a high level and performed by all modern standards.

iPhone water damage repair

Regardless of the type (full or partial), the repair of iPhone glass should be performed by professionals! You can not replace/repair it yourself; otherwise, you risk causing even more harm to the device. In any case, it is always better to contact a service center that will assess the condition of your phone and offer a solution.

iPhone battery problems

Do not panic if the iPhone's charge starts to discharge much faster, even when using original accessories! You can save your device from this trouble by performing a simple cleaning procedure: remove the back cover and disconnect the battery. Next, swim the device in 90% alcohol (ethanol) or replace it with a new battery, then wait for it to dry/dry entirely before reassembling your phone.

iPhone speaker replacement

At this point, you can perform another cleaning procedure: put your phone into a container of rice overnight. Rice will absorb all moisture and humidity. If the problem was not resolved after the operation, replace the speaker. Otherwise, your device is working fine!

iPhone water damage is not always apparent. However, different types of moisture can get into it (even without getting wet), which can cause irreparable harm to your phone. Therefore, if you suspect that your phone was wet, do not hesitate to contact an authorized service center!

iPhone auto-restart problem

Do you often notice that after your device's working process, you immediately restart? This can be many (software errors or hardware damage), but it does not mean that you have to go to the shop. Maybe all you have to do is to clean your phone. If you are lucky, the cleaning procedure will help solve the problem.

iPhone device freezes on start-up

The cause of this problem can be many things. It can be software or hardware issues, but not always. Unfortunately, it means that you have to go to the service center and pay for its repair. First, you need to reboot your phone (turn it off and then turn it on). If this did not help, then do the cleaning procedure: remove the back cover/remove the battery; leave it for a while before reassembling; connect your iPhone to the charger and restart it.

iPhone after water damage is always advisable to send it to the service center. Otherwise, there is a risk of permanent malfunction. The service center will offer you the best solution for your situation.

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