Repair of boxes and shelves


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In furniture repair, experienced artisans understand that the most commonly requested service is drawer repair, a moving component that fails more frequently. The failure of the guides or material deformation of boxes is the primary reason for breakdowns (chipboard, fiberboard, or wood).

Frequently, furniture owners and shops contact us to repair boxes and shelves; however, most of the time, it's because of too much weight or overload. Even though it is not often about the frame itself breaking down, but rather about fittings deforming or breaking for various reasons. In any case, a competent furniture maker must intervene.

Boxes and shelves are mainly made of chipboard, fiberboard, or wood. The most durable material fill is solid wood. Manufacturers use different fittings for this kind of furniture: the classic dowel joints fitted with screws (plastic part); another option is to slot together pieces without using the screw and gluing them instead. The latest trend is compression fitting – a solid joint – with dowels and screws. And finally, we have fittings without any connection (solid wood). This makes repair challenging.

The most common element that breaks is the dowel fitted with screws since they are the least durable. Studies show that these fittings fail more frequently due to material fatigue corners. The screw eventually fatigues, and it either breaks or becomes loose.

Breakdown factors for drawers and shelves

The repair of kitchen sets or bathroom furniture is sometimes required due to high humidity: the material is damaged, causing fractures, deformations, changes in appearance, and distortions. In this situation, either restoration or the production of a new component will be required depending on the degree of damage.

Mailboxes may also be fixed from any material, as they are subjected to harsh external conditions regularly - otherwise, all moving elements space(covers, compartments) will cease to function.

Bookshelves and storage components that are not overloaded or exposed to humidity problems require periodic maintenance. When the weight on a shelf is too much for the fittings, overload is usually caused. Even if this shows up suddenly with a weighty object, overload often develops gradually. The weight of an object places pressure on the partitions between shelves, which leads to deformation and eventually to breakage. The fittings are not meant to bear the weight of particular things, so it is essential to carefully choose what books or other items should be housed on each specific shelf.

There are some types of cabinets or furniture that require repairs constantly. For example, in high-traffic public places or places with large amounts of stuff(reception units, hotels), it is expected for some components to fail more often than others.

As mentioned earlier, drawer repair is one of the most requested services we receive at Geolance. Unfortunately, a drawer is a moving component, so that it will fail more frequently than other furnishings.

The primary reason for breakdowns are guides or material deformations. Furniture components are mostly made of chipboard, fiberboard, or wood. Furniture makers can recognize minor damage that accumulates with time into significant problems that may cause the failure of a whole drawer.

A shared characteristic among drawers is that they are often overloaded, which accelerates their deterioration even faster. Therefore, it's essential to prevent overload by utilizing dividers or space for this purpose.

In addition to drawers and boxes, shelves break down due to the deformation of materials (such as a curved edge) or fittings (e.g., screws, metal frames).

Repairing shelves requires material production to replace the existing element; it is more costly than other repair services. It's also necessary for you to use divider elements that will not overload the shelf itself.

Due to constant temperature changes and humidity, furniture materials need to be preserved from moisture, heat, and sunlight. To prevent damage caused by water, it's essential to use functional silicone glue.

If you already have a broken furniture component, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote without delay - we will inspect the damages and provide free quotations for your convenience.

We will support you in choosing the best solution for your furniture, so don't hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Where to find a repairer?

Finding a qualified professional to repair you may be difficult because modern individuals have a lot of reasons for refusing to do it themselves. Various factors might prevent you from doing so, including lack of time or the need for specific qualifications. As a result, it's preferable to locate someone with the following skills:

- Knowledge;

- Experience;

- Tools;

- Access to spare materials for sale.

If you need a high-quality in cabinet box and shelf repair, use the Geolance service to locate a qualified expert. The client can set their budget and terms, choose their contractor based on reviews and ratings, and focus on them. To order, you need to write to us for new posts.

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