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Many times people ask me what WordPress SEO plugins are recommended. Search engines have a significant role in driving traffic to websites. Optimization for search engine rankings helps increase your website visibility and increase business revenues. A WordPress plugin is the best SEO tool.

Does WordPress need SEO plugins?

WordPress deserves to be the first choice as a blogging platform and for Search Engine Optimization plugins. WordPress is a great way to keep your websites and blogs updated, but it also offers an effective SEO plugin that helps you create web pages that are search engine friendly. You can use free or commercial SEO WordPress plugins on your WordPress site. Many choices are available, such as All In One SEO Pack, Ultimate SEO Plugin by Yoast, WPSSO Core plugin, etc.

1. All in one SEO pack - This plugin optimizes each post page submission and automatically generates meta tags with ideal keywords to increase Google SERP traffic. It has the option of indexing not only English sites but also translating multi-languages all at once, thus creating backlinks.

2. SEO Ultimate - This plugin helps you integrate all the essential plugins, create new content automatically and optimize pages for better visibility on search engines. It supports GDPR compliance so that your site remains safe from getting penalized.

3. WPSSO Core is a popular open-source plugin that provides many options for social sharing metrics, schema markup, title optimization, etc.; you can use this plugin with any other premium or free WordPress SEO Plugin easily without any conflict.

4. Yoast SEO Plugin- it has an excellent tutorial about making your website visible, creating meta descriptions for every post page, controlling sitemap settings, and using Google Search Console data through its feature-rich admin interface.

5. SEO Pressor - This plugin makes it possible for you to add different types of meta tag information on your pages and posts, such as Open Graph, Twitter Cards, etc.; it also provides separate options for various social profiles like Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest so that your posts can get more shares on social media networks.

6. WordPress SEO by Redirection - With the help of this plugin, you can automatically redirect any URL in your blog to any external link keeping users safe from 404 errors. It also helps build permanent redirects, which are much safer than temporary redirects when moving or deleting web pages permanently.

7. WP Meta SEO - You will easily be able to edit meta descriptions using the drag-and-drop interface of this plugin. It offers you the ability to connect your Google Search Console account and monitor 301 redirects, 404 errors, etc., using its AJAX-powered back-end interface.

8. All in One Schema - This plugin helps you create JSON-LD code for making any post page more visible on search engine result pages (SERPs). You can use rich snippets, HTML tags, and other features offered by the vocabulary through this free WP Plugin.

9. WordPress SEO Breadcrumbs - If you want to keep track of all posts and pages added to your website, this is the best plugin available for WordPress users. It automatically creates bread crumbs that appear as a web page visited, such as Home > Marketing > WordPress > Yoast SEO Plugin.

10. WP Google XML Sitemaps - This plugin automatically generates an XML sitemap for making it easier for search engines to crawl your web pages and posts. It can update your sitemap automatically when you create new content on your website so that all Google bots are well aware of changes made to your site.

11. All in One Schema & Structured Data - It is a combination of two plugins known as All in One Schema and WordPress SEO by Redirection, which helps you generate JSON-LD code and execute redirects efficiently using its AJAX interface without any conflict between these two plugins. You can also use this plugin with other best SEO tools to improve your site visibility and traffic.

12. SEO Friendly Images - It automatically adds alt and title attributes to all images on your web pages with ideal keywords for improving page load speed and user experience. Once the plugin is activated, it immediately applies these changes to existing images without any manual effort. So you need not worry about using this plugin as it won't break any features of your website or blogs.

13. WordPress SEO – Advanced Metaboxes - This WP Plugin allows its users to add custom fields such as page title, meta keywords, meta description, etc., through a simple form that appears on every post and page, creating new custom fields within 5 minutes after installing the plugin into your WordPress account. You can also write and edit posts directly from the meta box without opening a separate pop-up window.

14. SEO Ultimate - This plugin lets you edit meta tags, social metadata, and custom headers separately for each post, page, or category of your WordPress website. It is one of the most popular WP Plugins available in the market, with excellent support from its developers through regular updates and bug fixes whenever necessary.

15. Social Locker for WordPress – This plugin automatically adds Facebook Like Button, Tweet Button, and Google+ Share Button on all web pages so that visitors can share specific posts or pages with their friends on social media networks to improve traffic and visitor engagement within a short period.

16. WooCommerce SEO by Yoast - If you have an eCommerce website powered by the WooCommerce plugin and want to improve user experience on SERPs using this e-commerce platform, you should try this free SEO Plugin. It helps users easily edit titles, descriptions, and meta tags for all products available on their website, necessary for boosting sales.

17. SEO Ultimate - This SEO Plugin allows its users to add custom fields such as page title, meta keywords, meta description, etc., through a simple form that appears on every post and page, creating new custom fields within 5 minutes after installing the plugin into your WordPress account. You can also write and edit posts directly from the meta box without opening a separate pop-up window.

18. WP Review Pro - This WP Plugin lets you your Google Analytics account with your WordPress account to easily monitor the traffic sources of your blog or website, the number of visitors, page views per visitor, bounce rates, etc., without any manual effort.

19. GTranslate – Google Translate Plugin for WordPress - This WP plugin helps you translate web pages into other languages by adding a simple meta tag into the header section of every web page created on your website using this plugin. So if you are planning to build an international presence, try this free plugin first before buying expensive translation software tools and services available online. It also supports the Google-powered Machine Translation feature from within its interface, recommended as one of the best SEO plugins for blogs and websites.

20. Loco Translate – Language Plugin for WordPress - Loco Translate is another free SEO plugin that makes it easy to translate website pages and posts through a meta box available on every page. It also supports a Google-powered machine translation feature that you can activate within the plugin's interface.

This was the list of Best Seo Plugins for WordPress. You can use any plugins mentioned above to improve your website or blog's search visibility on SERPs and increase traffic over time. If you know about any other best SEO plugin that must be included in this list, feel free to mention its name and URL via the comment section below so we can add it to our article with an appropriate link back to your site as a token of appreciation for sharing such valuable information.

WordPress SEO plugins are a great way to improve your website ranking

Geolance is the best WordPress SEO plugin. It was created by experts who understand how search engines work and what it takes to rank your website higher.

With Geolance, you can optimize your website for search engine rankings with just a few clicks of the mouse. You'll see an immediate increase in traffic and business revenues.


WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used CMS platforms globally. It powers millions of websites and blogs which you can. Out of these millions, many sites use WordPress SEO plugins to improve their search visibility. In contrast, others ignore it completely, thinking that Google can crawl and index their content without using an appropriate plugin for better results on SERPs.

But there is no hard and fast rule on whether to use such plugins or not because each website has its unique purpose and audience who visits your blog or website for specific reasons. Therefore, we recommend you keep experimenting with different free SEO plugins available for WordPress before choosing the best one according to your website or blog's needs. You may also want to read our article on the top four free themes for WordPress, which you can use to improve the look and feel of your website.

What do SEO plugins do?

SEO Plugins are designed to provide better visibility on SERPs by implementing optimized techniques, including meta descriptions, SEO-friendly titles, sitemap creation, XML site map file generation, etc. These plugins also help you implement schema markup, a type of code generated for each web page on your website. This small piece of code helps search engines understand what data they should show in SERPs.

Why do I need an SEO Plugin for WordPress?

There are several reasons why you need to install at least one SEO plugin into your WordPress website or blog, but the most important reason is that Google usually crawls and indexes content available on websites with active free or premium internal links, whereas it can't work without using any third-party tools when there are no internal or backlinks found on a website.

This is the main reason why SEO plugins are essential for WordPress websites and blogs because they help you automatically generate internal links between posts, pages, categories, tags, etc. to make your content accessible to search engine bots who crawl and index each piece of data from your website or blog. This way, Google can easily understand what every post or page is all about without manually crawling your website, which takes a lot of time if you have an extensive library of posts and pages published online at least a couple of years ago.

So this quick guide explains how to install any free SEO plugin on WordPress in just five minutes, along with an explanation of its basic features to use it properly within your web pages or posts to get better rankings in SERPs.

Steps To Install Any SEO Plugin On WordPress

There are numerous free plugins available for both users who use Genesis Framework and those who don't, but the best part is that they can be installed within five minutes without any errors. So let's start with the first step, which is activating your current theme if you haven't done it already.

The best SEO plugins for WordPress

After choosing and activating your desired WordPress theme from the countless free ones available on the Internet, you need to activate it entirely by following these simple steps:

Open the WordPress Dashboard menu in your WordPress website or blog and click on the Appearance option. Now look for the Themes section and select the All Themes option to see all installed themes listed on your website. Here double-click on Activate links beside your chosen theme's name to activate it. Once done, go back to the Appearance page, open the menu, follow and click the Install Themes tab to add new themes to your dashboard without using FTP Client Software such as FileZilla.

Now let's discuss how to install any SEO plugin for WordPress within five minutes.

Search for the best free SEO plugin for WordPress within your preferred search engine. For this guide, we'll be using Platinum SEO plugin because it's one of the best free plugins, according to our Team and countless bloggers who're already using it on their websites or blogs to improve rankings in SERPs, along with introducing several other features available within its premium version. Now click on the Plugin tab above to see all results returned by Google.

Click on the Install Now button beside Platinum SEO Free, which you'd like to install into your website, followed by clicking on Activate Plugin link beneath it to activate any new plugin installed through your browser. You can also deactivate an active plugin by clicking deactivate option beneath its name if you wish not to use that particular plugin at the moment until you need it.

To get started, head over to the Dashboard menu and click on the Settings link to open the following window.

All settings are pretty straightforward and similar to other plugins available for WordPress users, but there are several options that you need to disable or enable depending upon your requirements. Here is a list of all features provided by Platinum SEO Plugin, along with a brief explanation of each one to help you understand what they do.

Include post content in sitemap – Disabling this option will prevent search engines from crawling or indexing your posts' entire content when generating XML Sitemaps.

Exclude specific URLs – This feature allows you to add custom URLs that you wish search engines not to crawl and index through the primary Google Search Console account.

Generate sitemap automatically - If you want to update an existing XML Sitemap anytime, a new post is published on any of your websites. Enable this option, then enter a valid email address where you'll receive all notifications emails related to newly generated sitemap files.

The features mentioned above are pretty straightforward, so we don't recommend disabling them unless you know what they do and how they work. If you're looking for creating XML Sitemaps within just five minutes, then disable this option because it's pretty straightforward, and all users can quickly get started without any professional guidance.

What I looked at To Find the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

After using and testing nearly 20 different best WordPress SEO plugins within just two weeks, we've found that these three plugins are the best and most popular options you can choose from to get started with improving rankings in SERPs.

Most of these features are available as separate add-ons for the Platinum SEO plugin, so advanced users can also take advantage of those premium modules to improve the site's security, speed up load times and increase the website's conversion rates to earn more money online. In addition, you can easily purchase the Pro version by clicking on the Upgrade link at the top with existing WordPress SEO Plugin activated, followed by adding your preferred currency.

Since our ultimate goal is to provide valuable information related to free or cheap WordPress themes /plugins/ services /resources, including several tips & tricks about blogging, blogging tips, and WordPress, we will continue updating this article with more information related to the best free local SEO plugin for WordPress.

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