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If you install the sink incorrectly, it will not perform as expected. This is significant since hiring a professional plumber to execute a plumbing services fixture's correct installation is more effective than wasting money on correcting mistakes from self-installation. Furthermore, there are so many different types of sinks available. There are no specific installation procedures: only a skilled expert can comprehend all sorts of sinks and deliver high-quality work.

Steps for installing a washing basin

Most wall-hung sinks are installed on walls or pedestals, although they may also be secured to the wall. In this case, the installation procedures will vary. For example, take a look at how most standard wall-hung sinks are installed:

- First, you need to measure the space and mark the center point of the sink.

- Then install a support beam.

- An outline for the sink is traced on the wall; then, an appropriate drill (for stone) and mounting holes (for wood) are drilled and countersunk.

- The sink support structure is installed and fastened.

- The existing plumbing needs fixture is installed and connected to water lines.

- Then, the angle stop valve, faucet and pop-up drain are installed, which may take more time than the kitchen sink installation itself.

The height of a sink with a vanity unit or a support leg is determined in a matter of seconds; measure the sink's height. When it comes to hanging bathroom sinks, you may select your desired comfortable height. The pore size of this sink is 850 mm from the ground.

To provide uniform rocking action, a leveller has been placed on top of the countertop. For this purpose, an expert draws a straight line on the wall at the planned height where it will be installed, using a building level. By connecting the locations of the mounting holes to this line, the craftsman may determine their placement site.

Fasteners are prepared. The sink's installation also includes drilling holes according to the markings, inserting dowels and securing pins in them. A sanitary fixture is included with every washbasin fastener.

Mount the mixer onto an empty sink. It's simpler to connect a mixer to an unfinished sink - because all of the mounts are at the bottom, and reaching them if the element is already installed would be pretty inconvenient.

The bowl strainer is lowered into the old sink. The fastening pins are inserted through the holes in the element, and then the nuts are tightened. The mixer must then be connected to the water supply lines and the sink drain pipe.

Who should be in charge of installing and repairing the sink?

From consumers, the majority of experienced plumbers on the Geolance website conduct the following activities:

The following characteristics are necessary for all work to be done correctly: skill, knowledge, responsibility, and using one's tool. Punctuality and politeness will not be affected - evidence of excellent service.

Do you want a high-quality broken sink installation at a reasonable price and quickly? Using the Geolance website, you can locate an expert artisan who will provide these benefits. The client has to quote his fee for the work, state his terms and other conditions, and finish the project. You may choose an executor from a list of applicants after a few minutes. In selecting an executor, use reviews and ratings to your advantage.

What guarantees does the service provide?

All service providers and consumers on the Geolance website offer a warranty for their products and installation services. The types of guarantees provided depend on both parties:

If You Are Hiring: A spotless record, stable reputation, acquired skills and tools, training - your guarantor is your client who trusts you to do high-quality work. This is why you will find it difficult to find such guarantors. All the references and recommendations on our site are an additional guarantee for you and your future client that all will be done well, fast and at a reasonable price.

If You Are Employed: The guarantor is the customer who has hired you - in this case, we recommend that you have a written agreement with the customer and ask him to give you a deposit for several meters of pipe.

On both sides of this market, all parties should provide a warranty specification - an important rule that enables consumer protection. A warranty is a legally binding document specifying all your rights as a client or contractor. This could be anything from a list of fittings provided as a gift to free installation and new sink repair within a certain period. Since such warranty documents are not standard, the consumer must take care of them.

Every client can choose an executor from those listed on our website after reading reviews or ratings. On Geolance, you can find out all about a contractor or craftsperson - for this, we ask consumers about their experience and vice versa - customers on Geolance can review replacement services providers on the website.

What areas do you work in?

In the case of a provincial and local licensing craftsman on Geolance, that will generally be anywhere in his city or locality. He will not travel to conduct work because he has already established a reputation and an excellent network of potential customers. If your job requires travelling, we'll find you a suitable executor for this type of work - the travel costs are then specified in the contract.

Who is the best plumber for your sink installation?

You can find out which professionals are active on our website - enter a city or postcode. You will see the map with all the executors of this profession who operate in your area. You can also use filters to narrow down your search results, for example, by skill set. To get more information on a provider, you can click on "Show details."

You can also post your request, and we will find the most suitable professionals for you - if you want us to do this, indicate it in your message. We recommend that all clients read reviews and recommendations about their potential executors before hiring them. On Geolance, you can see the results of the executor's work and how he treated his customers.

What types of locations can you work at?

We have experts who, for example, plumb bathrooms and saunas - but some deal with kitchen sinks. Our site allows the client to discover the capabilities of an executor by looking through his profiles or conducting a search. The customer can then select an executor for his specific requirements - if he needs work on the drainage system, he will install pavings or vinyl flooring. Since the individual will get more jobs in his specialty, he can ensure that it is done to a high standard.

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