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A sober driver or designated driver has abstains from drinking while driving a vehicle. This term is generally used when it comes to a group excursion, as people must feel confident that they will be able to return home safely after drinking, dining or wine tasting. Rather than drinking freely, designated drivers choose to drink water, drinks, juice and other alcohol substitutes. Some countries have limits on the amount of alcohol drunk drivers can drink. It's a responsibility as even small quantities of alcohol can affect one's judgment. The service might be required by a law or regulation at the chosen automobile rental. A sober driver agrees to not drink alcohol to make safety-aware decisions. People call sober designated drivers as they make it easy to have reliable late night drinks so people can enjoy their night while a designated driver takes them home. You can find a lot of designated driving services offering you a designated ride with sober drivers.

Are You Looking For a Sober Driver to Ensure that Everyone Gets Home Safely?

We know how important it is to have a designated driver, and we’re here to help. With Geolance, you can find local designated drivers who are available when you need them most. Whether it’s after an event or just before the bars close, our designated driver services make sure that your group has someone responsible behind the wheel, a designated driver who will drive your car.

If you need sober drivers, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a bad designated driver or no one at all! Our network of designated drivers will be there whenever and wherever you need them. Even if they aren’t available right now, they can get back to you quickly so that your plans don’t fall through. And because we only work with professional drivers in their own vehicle, safety is always on top of our mind. It doesn't matter what time of day or night it is - whether it is 2am on a Saturday night or 8pm on a Sunday evening - Geolance has got your back!

Drunk driving is dangerous. Geolance connects you to reliable designated drivers who will drive your own car without any hidden or extra fees. Our designated driver arrives within a short time of your call and can give you a safe ride. All of the traffic laws in the world discourage drunk driving as it can be dangerous for both you and the other people on the road. Instead of drunk driving after a party or a trip to the bar, call our designated driver services so you can have reliable late night drinks as well as a safe ride home. We run trustworthy drivers background checks so you can have peace of mind when calling us for a designated ride.

Hop on to Geolance right now to find a designated driver service without any hidden or extra fees. A designated ride home is all that you need after drinking with your friends.

Give Us Your Keys and We'll Take Care of You

With Geolance, you can find a designated driver before the party starts. Our designated driver service is available on demand so that you never have to worry about getting home safe after a night in the town or a party with friends. A designated driver is always there when you need them for reliable last minute designated driver service.

Most of us have experienced the fun and excitement of having a few drinks with our friends. Sometimes it’s a few beers in a bar or a bottle in a wine shop, but whatever your poison is, you’ll be in good company when you have a designated driver to take care of you. Drinking alcohol results in impaired driving, that you should always avoid. Instead, you should call a designated driver service for a designated ride to get your car home safely.

Business and Everyday Errand Services with a Designated Driver

In addition to designated driver services, we also offer business and everyday errand services with trustworthy drivers background checks. Call us if you are driving on upcoming weekends so we can drive your car to the right place. Get ready for a meeting while on your way home so you can give yourself some time before the meeting. When you schedule your drivers, they will be booked for that time. Do you need to visit the doctor? Do you want to get your kids picked from the school? Do you want to send a car to your friend? With a strong driving record, our designated driver will take care of all your errands at everyday prices. You can either plan ahead to book a ride or make an impromptu booking with a designated driver. We operate in all the major cities around the world.

Let Us Take You & Your Vehicle Home Safely

Allow our designated driver to get you and your family home safely. We run strict background checks on all of our designated drivers so you can have peace of mind when hiring a designated driver from Geolance. With a strong driving record and transparent pricing, you can rest assured that our drivers will take both you and your car home safe. Just hand them your keys and relax. Make a booking with Geolance and we will make sure your designated driver is on time for you to get home safe.

Geolance has got you covered even if it’s really last minute. We run on-demand designated driver services and errand services that can take care of all your needs at everyday prices. Call us now to be safe and sound with a designated ride home. We have got you covered throughout the year so no matter how cold or hot it is, our drivers will be there to let you get home safely.

When Should I Be Using a Designated Drivers Service?

After having a few drinks out when socializing, it’s easy to lose track of how much alcohol is too much. You want to avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol because it could result in impaired driving, which is a serious offense that has legal consequences if convicted. Instead, hire one of our trusted designated drivers for a safe ride home after drinking with your friends.

If you’re planning on celebrating with friends in bars or at parties, our designated driver service is the perfect way to get home safe. There’s nothing better than meeting up with friends and enjoying drinks without having to worry about getting home safely. As long as you have a Geolance designated driver, you don’t have to worry anymore about paying for expensive taxi rides home.

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