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Social media engagement measures how people interact with your social media accounts and content. The term can cover a broad range of actions across all social platforms. Social media is now taking its rightful place in marketing as, for many businesses, it is the most significant catalyst for brand growth. Organic reach has dropped on almost every social media platform in recent years. Promoting your company's brand through social media is crucial in business, but receiving your content in these channels does not get you any sales. Keep these top marketing tips for your Facebook and Twitter promotion for success here. If done right, the domino effect can create waves of positivity in businesses to boost brand awareness and increase conversions to increase company profits. Start a free 30-day trial with SMW+. SMWPlus exclusives are available. Content is written by professionals from the industry with careers to be emulated.

12 Social Media Engagement KPIs that matter

There is no doubt that social media engagement is essential, but what key performance indicators (KPIs) should be looking at to measure it? First, go to one of your social media platforms. While your follower count is not necessarily a good measure of social media success, engagement is a much better way to gauge the impact your company is making in the social sphere. Here are 12 KPIs that will help you track and improve your social media engagement:

1. Reach: This is the number of people who have seen your social media posts or tweets. ( Instagram is known for having higher engagement rates than other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.) You can't boost something without knowing your starting point. So keep a close eye on your engagement efforts.

2. Engagement rate: This is the number of people who have interacted with your post or tweet, divided by the number of people who saw it. After observing the percentage of engagement on your social media channels, it is essential to pay special attention to the posts receiving the most meeting, so you can use that information to optimize future posts.

3. Impressions: This is the total number of times your post or tweet has been seen, regardless of whether someone interacted with it.

4. Click-through rate: This is the number of clicks your post or tweet received divided by its total impressions.

5. Conversions: These conversions can be sales, sign-ups, and anything else you deem essential for generating revenue through social media engagement.

6. Shares: This is the number of times other users have reposted your posts or tweets.

7. Retweets: This is the number of times your posts or tweets have been reposted on Twitter, whether or not that has resulted in additional impressions for you.

8. Likes: This is the number of likes your posts or tweets received, regardless of whether people saw them due to this action.

9. Comments: This is the number of comments you received on your posts or tweets, regardless of whether people saw them due to this action.

10. Follower growth: This can be represented in absolute numbers and percentage increases.

11. Engagement per post: Use this metric to see how much engagement your posts or tweets receive on average.

12. Engagement per follower: Use this metric to see how much engagement your posts or tweets receive from those who follow you, on average.

Use social media engagement tools to track mentions, comments, and conversations in a central place. You can also observe your favourite brand's social media engagement strategy to boost social media engagement. The major social media networks already have some components of engagement listed for free in their native analytics. Social media platforms evolve to reward authentic social interactions, and social media engagement has become a vital part of any marketing strategy.

Do you want to know how your social media engagement is going

We can help! Geolance offers a service that measures and analyzes your social media engagement. Our platform allows you to see the performance of every post, so you can understand what works and what doesn't. In addition, you'll have access to detailed reports on all aspects of your campaign, from which posts are most successful at driving traffic back to your site to where those people come from geographically. This will allow you to make informed decisions about future campaigns based on accurate data rather than guesswork or intuition alone. For example, Instagram likes when you use Instagram Stories and will show your posts more often to regular story viewers.

If this sounds like something that would be useful for your business, then get in touch with us today - we'd love nothing more than a chance to show off our capabilities and prove why we're one of the best companies offering this kind of service right now. It's also worth mentioning that our services don't stop once we've delivered the report; if there's anything else you need help with, then just let us know, and we'll do whatever it takes (within reason) to ensure that everything goes smoothly for both parties involved. So why not give us a call today? The sooner you do, the sooner we can start helping out!

What is social media engagement

Social media engagement refers to your followers' level of interaction with your brand on social media. It includes all actions, such as clicking on a link, liking a post, commenting on it, and sharing it with others.

Why is social media engagement important

Social media engagement is essential because it's one of the best ways to measure how successful your social media marketing campaigns are. If you have a high level of engagement, it means that you're doing something right and that people are interested in what you're sharing. It also helps you build relationships with your followers and regularly encourages them to return to your page or profile.

How can I improve my social media engagement

There are several things you can do to improve your social media engagement, including:

1. Post exciting and engaging content: Make sure that you post content that people will want to read or watch. This could be from blog posts, images, infographics, videos, quotes, news stories, and funny memes.

2. Ask questions: When you ask your followers for their opinions or feedback, it encourages them to engage with your content.

3. Run contests and giveaways: Contests and giveaways are a great way to get people excited about interacting with your brand.

4. Respond to comments: When followers take the time to leave a comment on your post, make sure that you respond promptly. This helps create a sense of community and lets them know that you're interested in what they have to say.

5. Use social media tools: Several social media tools can help you improve your engagement levels, such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and BuzzSumo.

6. Analyze your data: Use the data that you collect from your social media engagement to learn what's working and what isn't. This can help you fine-tune your strategy and ensure that you're getting the most out of your efforts.

Why is social media engagement important

Social media engagement is crucial if you want to use social media to grow your business. It's a way for you to get your social media content in front of more people, increasing brand awareness and boosting sales. So what can I do to improve my social media engagement?

1. Post relevant, exciting content: Before people interact with your posts or tweets, they need to see them in the first place. To increase the chances of this happening, you need to post relevant content that your followers will want to see.

2. Interact with people: Social media engagement is a two-way street – it's not a one-way broadcast. Engagement doesn't mean interaction – it means contact between you and members of your online community. As such, you need to be interactive and responsive to comments and questions.

3. Use images and videos: Posts with photos or videos get more engagement than posts without them.

4. Ask questions: Questions are a great way to get people engaged in your content.

5. Host contests and giveaways: People love contests and giveaways, so hosting these can be a great way to increase engagement.

6. Schedule posts: If you don't have the time to post every day, scheduling posts is a good alternative. This allows you to come up with content ahead of time and automatically publish it when you want it to appear online.

7. Use hashtags: Using hashtags on social media is a great way to get your content seen. You can also use them in events and contests you plan on hosting.

8. Bookmark relevant websites: If people want more information, they'll visit the website you provide in your posts or tweets - resulting in increased traffic for your site.

9. Avoid over-posting: An obvious way to ensure that people aren't interested in your social media presence is over-posting. Not only will you annoy your followers with this behaviour, but it can also decrease social media engagement.

10. Automate posting for Twitter and LinkedIn.

11. Follow people back: Don't assume they're interested in your account if someone follows you. Instead, follow them back to interact and increase social media engagement.

12. Incorporate hashtags: Like in contests, using appropriate hashtags when posting can help draw attention to what you post and boost engagement.

13. Use relevant accounts: Interacting and sharing other accounts' content can be a great way to increase engagement with your page.

14. Ask for comments: If you want people to comment on what you post, ask them questions or leave things open-ended. Inquiries are especially effective at soliciting responses.

15. Use visuals: Including images and videos in posts can be hugely beneficial for increasing engagement.

16. Leave comments: You can increase engagement by leaving comments on other accounts' pages. It lets them know that you're interested in what they post, which increases the likelihood that they'll check out your page and engage with it too.

17. Participate in events: If you find an event related to your brand or industry, participate in it. It's a great way to increase engagement while also meeting potential customers.

18. Enter giveaways: Participating in giveaways is another excellent way to get more people engaging with your page.

19. Use contests and promotions: Asking your users to participate in surveys or other content can result in increased engagement.

20. Follow people: Following other users is a great way to increase social media engagement and make new friends.

21. Share others' content: When you share other people's content, it shows that you're interested in what they have to say – increasing the chances that they'll reciprocate and take a look at your page.

How do I measure social engagement

Many tools like Hootsuite help you manage your social media accounts. There are also dozens of metrics that can be tracked; some basic ones include:

- number of likes - number of comments - reach (impressions) - click-throughs (clicks) - shares (retweets, etc) - replies.

But, before you can track any of these, you need to set some goals for your social media campaign. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Drive more traffic to your website? Increase leads and sales? Once you know what you're aiming for, you can track the metrics that matter most and see how you're doing.

No one metric can tell you the whole story of your social media engagement, but tracking a few key ones over time can give you a good idea of how you're doing. And, if you need help figuring out which metrics to track, your social media management tool should be able to give you suggestions based on what you're trying to achieve.

How do I increase my social media engagement

Now that you know a few basics about social media engagement, here are some tips for increasing it:

1. Post interesting content: If you want people to engage with your posts, you need to give them something worth engaging with. Make sure your content is interesting, sound, or entertaining – something that people will want to read and share.

2. Introduce people to your business: If you want to build up a strong following, introduce people to the products and services that you offer. They'll eventually become familiar with what you're selling and consider checking out your page when it's time to make a purchase.

3. Interact with others: You can increase social media engagement by interacting with others. Like, share, and leave comments on pages you're interested in to get the ball rolling. It's also a good idea to follow them; once they see that you've observed them, they're more likely to return the favour and check out your page too.

4. Use relevant hashtags: If you want to increase the reach of your posts, use relevant hashtags. This will help your content show up in more searches, and it'll make it easier for people interested in the topic to find your page.

5. Stay active: The more active you are on social media, the more engaged your followers are. So make sure you're posting engaging content regularly – and sign up for Hootsuite to keep your posts organized.

6. Differentiate yourself: You mustn't just post filler content as a way to increase social media engagement. It would be best to try differentiating yourself from your competitors, so people know what makes you unique and why they should check you out.

7. Offer discounts and promotions: Offering your followers exclusive deals, sales, or discounts is a great way to increase social media engagement – and it'll drive more traffic to your page.

8. Involve influencers: Having an influential person share your content can give you a considerable boost in terms of both reach and social media engagement. Reach out to people who have a large following and see if they're willing to promote your page or content.

9. Use visuals: Posts with visuals (photos, videos, infographics, etc.) tend to get more engagement than those without. So, if you want to increase the chances of your posts being seen and shared, make sure they're rich in visuals.

10. Post at the right time: As with any other kind of content, timing is everything when it comes to social media engagement. If you want the most views and shares possible, posting during peak hours (when your followers are online) can yield better results than saving your posts for off-peak hours.

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