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The Social Media Monitoring Tools List will be updated from November 2020. Social media monitoring is essential to protect a business against all risks. Choosing one solution isn't easy since there are so many tempting promises. All you need is a resource offering valuable insight into each tool. If not, look no further. We've compiled a list of the top 25 popular social tracking applications you should consider, including Digimetric 2, AdWords 3, Google Alert, and others.

The Best Social Media Monitoring Guide for Brands

There are a lot of social media monitoring tools out there. It's essential to use a platform that tells you how much your audience is talking about your brand, industry, and competitors. There are simple features that help analyze trends throughout the day and those tools that give reports from the past few years. Most solutions will provide insights from multiple sources, including blog mentions, news, videos, and more...

If you are looking for a social media monitoring solution

Social media is a crucial tool to protect your business against all risks. However, choosing one solution isn't easy since there are many tempting promises. You need to know what you're buying and why it's the right choice for your company. That's where we come in! We've created this list of the best social media monitoring tools on the market so that you can make an informed decision about which product will work best for your needs.

We've done all the research and compiled a list of products that have been tested by our team and proven to be effective at protecting businesses from risk online. Our goal is to help you find exactly what you need without wasting time or money on tools that don't meet your requirements. So please take a look through our list today! It could save you hours of frustration trying out different solutions yourself! And if something catches your eye, click on its name below to learn more about it before making a purchase decision!

Social listening

Social media monitoring is the best way to stay on top of your competitors. For example, if they launch a new product, you'll be notified about that new feature. You will also be able to see how people talk about their service, which helps you find out if their customers are satisfied with the performance or not?

There are all sorts of listening tools, but it's hard to decide which one is going suit your needs. Some options allow you to track specific keywords and make reports, while some allow you to track particular social media profiles only...

How to get started

Before making a decision, it might look like a difficult task since many choices are available. Your business needs to have an account with Google Alerts that allows you to search and track any keyword. Also, people like using TweetBeep, Twilert, and Social Mention, which will tell what's going on on Twitter all day long.

Don't just listen. Learn from social situations.

If your company is doing research, you should put together a team that monitors and analyzes social media. You can analyze any situation using the tools mentioned above, gathering as much information as possible to help your business grow. There are so many helpful tips available for free, so don't hesitate and use those tools whenever needed.

Keyhole is a platform that allows you to track any hashtags, URLs, and Twitter accounts. It helps you save time by displaying all vital information in one place. In addition, you can create comprehensive reports that contain charts with detailed analytics.

The Best Social Media Monitoring Tool

A social media monitoring tool is not an easy task since people will analyze your brand's comments, reviews, and mentions. This service needs to be effective enough to offer insights into each aspect of social networking. Many helpful apps are available for free, but they only include limited features.

Things you need

Monitoring social networks can be done without spending too much money if you set up alerts on Google Alerts or use Twilert, TweetBeep, etc. However, if you need to track conversations on Twitter and Facebook, it's better to go with a solution such as Keyhole. It will allow you to discover new trends hashtags and even boost your content through advertising.

The most reliable social media monitoring tool

All of the mentioned services require some time for collecting data and analyzing them. Some solutions will tell what people think about your brand and industry, but we suggest using only those that provide a thorough insight into each social networking aspect.

Social media monitoring work

Social media monitoring tells you what your audience is talking about, sharing, or simply interested in. It's a great way to boost traffic, target the right keywords and discover new trends. You will also see which social networks work well for you and use proper hashtags to attract more people to your business.

Keyhole work

Keyhole allows you to track any topic across blogs, news sites, images, videos, and tweets all at once. If someone talks about that subject, it instantly shows up on the map as dots of colour. This platform provides reports based on each detail related to your search.

Signs you should use social media monitoring tools

Anyone who wants to expand their business has many options available thanks to technology development. You don't have to run after your target audience as they tend to come directly to you. This helpful service will allow you to track anything in the social networking world and boost it through ads, articles, and contests.

The most reliable brand for a social media monitoring tool

All those companies need to be reviewed from different points of view since every business owner has their own needs. It might be hard for you to decide which app is worth trying, but we can assure you about one thing - Keyhole is very reliable due to its advanced features.

The main benefits of using social media monitoring tools

Social media monitoring allows you to discover new trends, share information with your followers and attract more visitors to your website. This service will also allow you to use data from different sources and create comprehensive reports. Is it worth using social media monitoring tools?

Social media has a significant influence on online marketing. It can help you boost your business by sharing interesting content, advertising your products, and even creating contests to attract more people. Many tools are available for free, but Keyhole is designed to provide all necessary information about any topic in one place.

Market Research is the world's largest focus group, the internet.

Social Media Analysts use tools to monitor; Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and Videos for keywords and brands on forums. They filter out the relevant conversations on Twitter or Facebook on any topic relevant to their client's business. They then present these findings briefly, which clients can use as an awareness tool; what people are saying about them online, whether good or bad.

Social Media Analytics refers to the full range of intelligence services that measure how people engage on social media. It bridges the gap between social media monitoring and analytics, providing you with actionable insights into your brand's social media presence.

It is an application for tracking keywords, phrases, or hashtags across multiple sources simultaneously, including blogs, images, videos, news sites, and tweets. In addition, the tool tracks conversations - positive or negative- around a topic filter them by relevancy/popularity and time spent reading each post.

Keyhole offers comprehensive data & reports so you can discover what topics are being discussed on Twitter & Facebook on any level. For example, you can analyze your clients' brand names and their competition or any trending topic of your interest.

The Keyhole dashboard displays all the information you need to know about your brand's social performance. It also gives you access to many valuable data on Google Analytics and Twitter. Social media monitoring tools can be handy for bloggers or journalists who want to discover what people are saying about specific topics online. Many marketers have already used this service to expand their business, improve customer services and increase sales.

People need to check relevant inquiries, opinions, and customer feedback to stay relevant. The growth of social media has helped them optimize customer engagement by increasing sales revenue. Social media monitoring is no longer just a marketing trend – it's quickly becoming a must-have tool. In summary, Keyhole gets a 9 out of 10 and is highly recommended.

It does what it says and provides data on Twitter and Facebook conversations, giving you analytics across these platforms as well as the ability to filter them by time, location, and more. It's straightforward to use and can be made even better if we had access to Keyhole at a lower price point as it might end up being replaced by another tool with additional features. In summary, Keyhole gets an 8 out of 10 and is highly recommended.

For your business to succeed, you need to know what people say about your brand online. It would be best if you also had this information in real-time to make decisions based on user feedback.

Reasons to use social media monitoring.

Monitoring what people are saying about your company can help you promote your business, reach out to customers with updates on products and services, identify trends in the marketplace, and more. Monitoring social media management tools allows you to search across thousands of Twitter hashtags, keywords, and topics for real-time insights into how the world is talking about your brand at any given moment. When used in conjunction with traditional marketing tools like public relations and SEO, they can be powerful resources for researching competitors... Keyhole is designed to provide all necessary information about any topic in one place. It tracks popular keywords and hashtags across networks, shows you who's talking about your brand and what they're saying, how influential their followers are, which devices they use, top locations where a topic is being discussed, and more. It's the perfect choice for agencies that need to monitor many social media profiles at once.


Social media monitoring platform helps brands provide real-time insight into what's being said about them online. Designed explicitly for PR, Marketing, and Social Media professionals to monitor corporate messages, track brand mentions, brands, or competitors across blogs within the industry, via news sites, and in Tweet streams... The Talkwalker? The dashboard is easy to read with an intuitive layout that shows you trending topics on a map and displays all content by topic. In addition, you can explore the hottest news stories from around the world by region, search for specific people & companies plus find related trends or breaking news based on your keyword searches or tracked keywords.

Social media posts and conversations are monitored through various channels, including but not limited to Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter and other social media accounts, influencers and brands, Blogs, Forums, and PR Newswire.

Social media monitoring is a cost-effective management approach that allows customers to monitor multiple social media channels from one interface.

Social Mention

Social Mention is a free social monitoring tool that tracks over 500 social media properties across 17 languages. Social mention provides a real-time search of Twitter, blogs, news, etc., and full-text topic and sentiment analysis. Let's start with the good: Social Mention? Lets you monitor a wide variety of social media platforms for your brand. If you're interested in seeing how people use specific keywords on Facebook or YouTube, this service can deliver that insight. However, it does not currently provide data from other major social network sites like Instagram or Pinterest. Of course, I wouldn't expect to find dozens of metrics when I get many different services for free! But even essential social listening tools like Alerts & Trackur offer more measurement in their free plans. Social Mention is an excellent service for marketers and social media professionals who want to view several different social channels' content all in one place. It's an intuitive tool that makes it easy to find relevant social media conversations based on your brand or keywords you specify.

Social Network Twitter has gained popularity over the years with its ease of use and real-time tracking capabilities, making it one of the top places to share what's happening around you. As mentioned earlier, understanding your audience and how they interact with you on Twitter can give you insight into how best to target them offline.


The brand watch is a leading social intelligence platform that delivers real-time insights & analytics from all online public conversations to power business decisions. Our social media management software tracks over 500 million sources of data and the 100 million people talking about them each month, including blogs, news sites, videos, forums, and social networks.

Keyhole is an interactive visual tracking social media management tool that gives you a quick overview of what's going on at any time in your keyword universe. While it's not exactly straightforward (and could do with better documentation), our video will help get you started. Keyhole works with Twitter but also Facebook fan pages.

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