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Are you a wine lover and love to go on wine tasting trips and tours? If yes, then you are at the right place because we connect all wine lovers with master sommeliers who can help you understand more about the wine industry and aid in wine pairing and food pairing. Read on to find professional sommelier services to meet certified sommeliers who share your passion for wine.

Hosting a Wine-Centric Event and Looking for Ways to Elevate It?

Bring in the experts – professional sommeliers! They can help educate your guests about wine, guide them through food pairing and wine pairing to make your events unforgettable. Our sommeliers are passionate about their work and love nothing more than helping people discover new wines and learn about the industry. They’re also certified by some of the most respected organizations in the world, including the International Sommelier Guild, so you know that you will be treated by the top-notch professionals.

Hop on to Geolance today to find professional sommelier services for your events. Find a sommelier who can help develop your taste for wine and other beverages by helping you out in your wine tasting events. Reach out today for a personalized wine tasting service by a professional sommelier who is expert in all sorts of wines.

Private Wine Services by Sommeliers

When it comes to pairing wines, food and cocktails, no one can do a better job than a Sommelier. Sommeliers are the experts of the wine industry and have studied sommelier courses to guide you about different kinds of wines. With extensive knowledge about all kinds of wines- including red wines, white wines, sweet wines, sparkling wines and dessert wines, sommeliers are the best people to guide you about food pairing.

Local tours of sommeliers' guides include educational and unique wine tasting experiences with entertainment. They can take you to wineries, breweries and distilleries and are the best people to explain history, origin of wine-making process, and take you on tours. They provide knowledge about the latest events in your area so that you do not miss any events.

Pricing for Private Wine Tours

Spend one more night exploring local grape vineyards with the renowned sommelier. Fully customizable tours enable you and/or your group to find hints and knowledge about what to see. We provide the best prices for private wine tastings or tours. We can arrange for your group to travel together, because they are committed to helping you have the best experiences with your like-minded friends.

We plan, schedule and coordinate customized experiences to give you an unforgettable memory for years to come. The pricing depends on the size of the group and other factors. Sommelier packages start at $15 per person, based on party size. The rates also depend on the duration of the tour and the cost of activities included in your sommelier package. They are usually hired for private tours due to their extensive knowledge about wines.

Pricing for Restaurant Wine Experiences

Dining at a restaurant has become an experience of its own. Sommeliers are the best people who can help enhance this experience by working at the restaurant to guide you about wine. Sommelier services are based on the kind of experience you want to have, whether it is a low-key intimate dinner or a casual meal with wine. They can guide you about the wine that goes well with your selected food and beverages. A sommelier has extensive knowledge about wine, so they can help you pick the right wine for the event.

The price for restaurant experiences depends on the restaurant, the number of attendees and the wine that your sommelier picks. Sommeliers are usually hired by restaurants who want them to teach people about wine in an informal setting. Sommelier services for restaurants start at $25 per person.

Pricing for At-Home Experiences

You can also avail sommelier services at home. Sommeliers may visit your house to give a personalized experience. Their at-home packages start at $50 for per person, depending on the number of attendees and additional services offered. Sommeliers have extensive knowledge about wines, so they can offer you with the best selections of wines available in the market. They usually work on an hourly basis, with a minimum number of hours to be covered.

Post a Project on Geolance Today

Make the most of your wine tasting experiences by hiring a professional sommelier. Post a project on Geolance today and connect with a sommelier who has enough education and experience about the wine industry.

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