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A role in sporting event transportation has never been more accessible. This thriving industry is seeing thousands of people without any previous experience, but with a driving license and an eye for detail landing jobs as chauffeurs.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting career in transportation, look no further!

Our platform always has openings for talented chauffeurs to help provide an exceptional experience to clients. We pride ourselves on providing a world-class service, and we know that our success depends on having the best people working for us.

If you have a passion for driving and take pride in your work, we want you! Our platform is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service, and we know that you’ll excel in this environment.

Apply today by finding your ideal position at Geolance. We can’t wait to hear from you.

It's easy to see why the role has become so popular. Working in this business allows people to meet countless sporting celebrities ranging from sports stars, including racing, football, soccer or other players through to actors and musicians. Plus it's pretty easy to get into, with most companies willing to train new recruits.

There are many roles involved in this industry, but the most common is chauffeur. The job entails driving guests around in luxury vehicles including sports cars that range from Rolls Royce's through to Bentleys and Range Rovers. It's a glamorous role for sure, one which you'll feel right at home in if you have a passion for cars.

The Need for Sporting Event Chauffeurs

Sports activities like racing are usually held in stadiums or racing tracks that can be very far from the city center, necessitating transportation to get thousands of spectators to the venue without delay. The majority of people come with their own car or bus, but these are not enough for all attendees to have a comfortable ride to the venue. That's when specific chauffeurs come in, to take groups of people together and get them to their destination faster than if they had taken individual transport.

The demand for sports car chauffeurs has never been higher, which spells huge amounts of jobs available in an industry that has plenty to offer beyond transporting people. Sports occasion chauffeurs can take groups of people together, offering them the highest level of comfort and satisfaction while also serving as tour guides for those who need it. Celebrity players usually drive high-end luxury or sports cars, the latter of which can't be driven by a chauffeur but other vehicle types require assistance.

Sporting Event Chauffeurs: What They Do

The works of a sports activity chauffer can vary from picking up VIP guests and shuttling them to the stadium or racing track, to collecting their car afterwards and dropping them home. Generally, they work in groups that shift as per client's preferences and remain on standby throughout the day. They use large buses , mini coaches, vans, limousines or minivans for the purpose. There are racing, soccer, baseball or other major occasions where a car may need to be driven by experienced professionals.

A Sporting Event Chauffeur's job title is often combined with people who drive buses, limousines and vans. However, a chauffer can be a separate profession in itself. To work as a sports event chauffer, the basic requirement is a full driving license for at least 2 years. Many companies insist on a commercial license as well. Depending upon the company, other prerequisites include an ability to work in teams and cope with pressure. The experience also needs to involve sports cars from major manufacturers since players and audiences both can have these. These cars have extremely different driving requirements and require care.

Chauffeurs are also required to remain calm under all circumstances, since they often have to deal with irate customers due to delays. As their comfort directly affects that of the client's, chauffeurs are expected to be well groomed, polite and presentable. They should be familiar with the area they will be driving in and should know short cuts and other such routes that can save time during busy hours.

Working as a Chauffeur

A chauffeur is required to show up at their usual work place between 8 and 9 am. They report back at the same place after the job is over, which may be as late as midnight. Sundays are usually busy, since it involves shuttling people to and from events held at arenas or stadiums across multiple cities . Some companies also offer chauffeur services for weddings or other formal occasions. There is no particular requirement for this job, but there are certain things that people who want to apply need to know.

Most chauffeurs have no other experience than driving cars. A little familiarity with sports events or transport infrastructure is helpful, however. It can also help if the applicant has knowledge of streets in multiple cities across the country. Working in this industry also requires an understanding of the job's long hours. Chauffeurs are required to work weekends continuously, so people who have families may want to consider other career options. The work is not physically demanding however , hence the need for drivers with no previous experience .

For someone working as a chauffeur , the basic requirements are a driving license and a vehicle. A person can quite easily find work as a sports event chauffeur if he/she has the necessary qualifications . There is no qualification or training that is required, although knowledge of local areas is an asset for those interested in this job. Chauffeurs work in different companies, so the nature of job is not uniform. Sporting events like auto racing, football games and other activities can require experienced drivers for a variety of tasks.

Employment Opportunities

Sports event chauffeurs can find jobs through individual companies or through recruitment agencies. To get assigned, they need to register themselves with the concerned agency after submitting their resumes and carrying out a formal interview. With growing demand for these services, there is no dearth of employment opportunities in this area. Many chauffer services are mushrooming across major urban areas in the United States.

While driving team members to their venues, chauffeurs are required to follow safety regulations. They have to be well-versed with the roads leading up to the sports stadiums like racing venues, hotels and other areas where they need to drop off their passengers. What's more - they need to keep a constant line of communication open with their employers, to ensure safety of the team members during the event. Chauffeurs are expected to drive cautiously and avoid traffic, especially in big cities. They also have to carry out vehicle checks at regular intervals. Additional responsibilities include parking arrangements, or directly dropping off clients at their venues or gates if they are not allowed inside the stadium.

Employment Benefits

Though chauffeurs are employed on a temporary basis, they can enjoy benefits like an attractive salary, medical insurance and holiday package. Besides, there is opportunity for growth over the years with experience in this field. There are chances of promotion within the company as well as outside jobs to participate in sports events organized by private entities based on the chauffeur's performance. With the right skills, sports event chauffeurs can land themselves a permanent job with one of the top management positions.

Sporting event drivers enjoy a lot of perks particularly when working in the category of racing like F1 or other categories. They enjoy driving the most high-end luxury vehicles including sports cars which are a dream for anyone and more so if there is a passion for them. Chauffeurs sometimes also get to travel around the world for free just to drive cars that other people only dream of. Racing is by far the most lucrative category of driving to be part of and if free perks are something that inspire you, this might be the career field for you.

Required Skills and Qualifications

Drivers need to be skilled behind the wheel to handle an array of high-end luxury cars including sports car from manufacturers like Lamborghini, Ferrari or McLaren. They should have excellent knowledge about roads within the city where they are supposed to work . Knowledge of foreign languages is a plus as chauffeurs are expected to drive their supervising officials and players from different nationalities during tournaments or racing challenges. The responsibilities of chauffeurs include ferrying the team members to practice sessions, meeting them at airports and providing ground transportation services for dignitaries. Sports event organizers look for people with good communication skills, patience and discretion. They should be able to work under pressure, multi-task and remain alert all through the day.

Sporting events driver should possess a valid driving license with no traffic violations or criminal charges against them. They need to submit their resumes at the time of formal interview which is conducted after registering with recruitment agencies. Chauffeurs are expected to work long hours with flexibility of being on call at nights and weekends. Experience in the field is not necessary, but a candidate should have at least done his high school . A clean driving record is required by most companies as they need their chauffeurs to comply with traffic rules strictly. Additionally, knowing how to drive a sports car is a requirement in some places. A driver needs to understand how to handle such a car because it entails more experience than other cars.

Who are the employers?

Major employers of sports event chauffeurs are tour and travel companies that provide services during international games and tournaments. Chauffeurs can also get hired by event management firms and sports bodies like the International Tennis Federation and the US Olympic Committee to handle logistics of their events. Private employers include universities, professional sports clubs and event management companies also require drivers for various sporting events that occur across a calendar year. A driver or sporting events chauffeur may be required to drive a vehicle from a diverse range of major manufacturers including sports car.

Working Conditions

A sporting events driver works in a fast-paced environment under pressure to meet the demands of their employers. They have to be on call for long hours and attend events even at odd hours. Chauffeurs need to remain alert and follow traffic rules strictly while driving. They also have to keep meticulous records of their daily activities, including the time spent on the job and the distance covered. Their work may be physically demanding as chauffeurs are required to stay alert throughout the event. They might have to sit for long hours in cars that can become uncomfortable at times. This is especially true for a sports car. On short notice, they might also have to deliver players, event officials and referees to venues. The free benefits that a driver receives most of all in the racing category can make the job hectic but enjoyable at the same time.

Career Progression

The career growth of sports event chauffeurs is directly proportional to their skills and expertise. These professionals can climb up the ladder of success with repeated assignments and positive feedback from employers who seek their services on a regular basis. They can get employed in private sector jobs where they handle sports stars and officials on foreign tours. The opportunities for growth are immense with chauffeurs reaching key positions based on their performance records. If racing or working in a related capacity is a passion, this career provides all the necessary advantages.

Sports Event Driver Pay Structures

The work is usually quite well paid, with chauffeurs telling us that they can earn anything between £50k to £100k per year. What sports event chauffeurs earn is usually enough to justify their work. For a day's work, chauffeurs get paid about $100 in average. However, a single event can have an attendance in the thousands, meaning excellent earnings for anyone interested in working as a sporting event driver.

You'll need a good level of fitness for the role as clients demand punctuality, exact location knowledge and reliability. Usually you are required to have held your license for around five years before applying, so as to show that you have experience and know how to drive. There is no registered trademark for a sports car driver as there are rare institutions that provide experience in this regard.


As mentioned earlier there are hundreds of companies in this industry, all looking for the best talent. One of our most popular platforms in the Transportation industry is Geolance. We have a number of positions available, from chauffeurs through to couriers.

A career in sports event transportation can be an excellent choice for your future. With new people joining the industry every day, the possibilities are endless! If you're ready to start your journey into this business then look no further than Geolance. We're always on the lookout for new talent, and with one of the largest customer bases in the transportation space, you're sure to be successful.

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