Spring Cleaning


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Spring cleaning season brings about a lot of change in our lives. We all started getting excited about saying goodbye to all the dust mites which had occupied our space for months. We take out our spring and summer clothes to run some cycles in the washing machine. All this is just a preset for a deep clean session that we intend to conduct. However, isn't it better to hire professionals instead of getting your hands dirty?

You can't wash windows, remove all the dirt from kitchen cabinets, reset the laundry room, etc., on your own, now can you? Well, even if you are ready to do all that, you shouldn't! Professionals are experienced in thorough spring cleaning, ready to help you out with their best spring cleaning tips. If you want more than warm water and baking soda massage for your house, we recommend hiring cleaning professionals for your home!

Hire Local Professionals for Spring Cleaning Service

Spring is a time for change and what better way to start your spring cleaning than by hiring the professionals at Geolance? We know that deep cleaning your house can be a daunting task. That's why we're here to help! Our team of experts will take care of every nook and cranny in your home, so you can focus on enjoying your free time. Imagine coming home to a clean house that smells fresh and doesn't have any dust mites. It's something to look forward to after a long day at work. Make your spring cleaning dreams come true by hiring Geolance today!

What Is Included in a Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a process that involves everything from cleaning ceiling fans and lights to clean window treatments. Professional cleaners can use a clean cloth, mild dishwashing liquid, warm water, soapy water, etc., to ensure the property is free of all dust. You can hire professionals for overall services or individual services. If you only want to hire people to clean window screens and fridge's interior shelving, you can find people who specialize in that with Geolance.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

When it comes to spring cleaning, there's a lot to do! But don't worry, we've put together a checklist to help you get started.

1. Clean your windows and mirrors.

2. Wipe down all of your surfaces, including cabinets, tables, and floors.

3. Dust all of your furniture and knick-knacks.

4. Vacuum and mop your floors.

5. Clean out your closets and pantry.

6. Wash your curtains and bedding.

7. Spring is also a great time to freshen up your home with a new coat of paint or some new decorations!

8. And last but not least, don't forget to air out your home by opening windows and doors.

With this checklist, you're sure to have a clean and fresh home in no time! If you're looking for some professional help, Geolance can provide you with the best spring cleaning services.

Best Spring Cleaning Tips

Before hiring a professional for spring cleaning, you have to know what spring cleaning entails. Therefore, we bring the best cleaning tips that can help you overlook the spring cleaning when professionals come to your house to provide a cleaning service. Here are some of the best spring cleaning tips for this season:

Use a HEPA Vacuum

HEPA vacuum cleaner captures small contaminants which can be seen but can also cause allergies. There are various kinds of debris on our floor which hold contaminated dirt and particles. Dust, food crumbs, pet hair, and other tiny bits can get caught in carpets and furniture. Spring is an excellent time to clean all these areas and to use which captures small contaminants which can be seen but can also cause allergies. Bacteria, pollen, virus particles, and fungi are just some of the nasties that can be floating around in the air. Spring is a great time to clean your home and office to eliminate these hazards and improve your indoor air quality. Geolance offers professional spring cleaning services which will make your place sparkle!

Let Spring Cleaning Set a New Tone

During the cold winter months, some rooms could look sluggish or tan, but they should stay clear. Installing new colorful bedding can make the space look fresh. Adding bedding sheets, curtains, and other furnishings may enhance your decor. Please print our spring cleaning checklist for each hotel. Ask these questions so you know your routine in cleaning and maintenance, and they show you the way. You should also deep clean your oven, scrubbing the inside and outside. The stovetop needs to be polished, and all the burners need to be degreased. If you're looking for a fresh start to the season, hire Geolance to help you out!

Don't Be Scared of the Kitchen and Bathroom

Get away from a dirty bath! Several common difficulties people forget: Kitchen Bathroom The bathroom fan must also be replaced as well as installed. Replacements of old radiators or newer fan parts may help guarantee durability and beauty. This can reduce the humidity in your shower and smell the air. It will come with an integrated lighting system with automatic operation and other easy functionality depending upon the configuration. Walls and floors in the kitchen and bathroom should be sealed with a waterproof membrane. Showers, baths, and basins must have watertight joints.

Think Green When You Spring Clean

Spring cleaning is an excellent opportunity to get your home in order, but it's also a perfect time to go green. There are many all-natural alternatives to traditional cleaning products. For example, vinegar and baking soda can be used to clean most surfaces. Here are a few other tips for green spring cleaning:

-Use rags and mops instead of paper towels.

-Avoid using harsh chemicals.

-Dry your clothes on a clothesline instead of using the dryer.

-Use natural air fresheners like lemon or vanilla extract.

-Recycle your old cleaning products.

Green spring cleaning can be a little more time-consuming, but it's worth it for your family's health and the environment. If you don't have the time to do it yourself, consider hiring a professional green cleaning service.


Studies suggest a disordered household increases irritability. Your brain says something is not finished. Inhaling dust in a workplace can be potentially hazardous and a distraction as it brings stress. Since the majority of us have the desire to spend our own time with friends and colleagues, this makes sure their workplace spaces stay tidy and meaningful as possible to maintain. Let's be prepared if you have unproductive time. So make sure you take care of your surroundings. Make it a goal this season to de-clutter your home and office spaces. Not only will it make you feel more organized, but it will also help improve your productivity.

Restock Your Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning soaps with water and baking soda has an instrumental purpose in virtually the entire house. In other words, microfibers can be thoroughly cleaned by wiping vinyl, wood, linoleum, wood surfaces, marble stones, and tiles. Cleaning tasks with plant-based sponges or disposable spray bottles are simpler as well. You'll be tempted to carry your most convenient clean-up soap and dishwashing detergent. But if you're looking to save some money, you could also use vinegar and baking soda as your main ingredients. These two products are versatile and can be used for various cleaning tasks. Just make sure you have enough of them on hand before starting spring cleaning.

Don't Forget About Your Air Quality

A purifier can be easily fitted in spring and prevent unwanted pollutants or odor in the vicinity. This inexpensive way keeps your breath dry. When any part of a house can suffer from asthma or become stuffy during allergy season, adding indoor air purifiers may assist. It absorbs tiny and annoying particles to prevent them from entering your room. You'll want to consider your family's specific needs before you buy an air purifier. For example, if you have allergies, you'll need a purifier that captures allergens. If you have pets, you'll need a purifier that captures pet hair and dander.

Always Work From Top to Bottom

When you're cleaning, it's important to work from top to bottom. This way, the dirt and dust that falls from higher up will be caught by the cleaner surfaces below. It's also a good idea to clean one area at a time so you can focus on getting the job done correctly. If you try to clean too many areas at once, you'll likely end up with a cluttered and chaotic mess.,Cleaning your home can be a lot of work, but it's important to take your time and do it properly. If you rush through the job, you're likely to miss spots and make mistakes.

Walls and Windows Need Love Too

It is usually common for anyone to wipe floors down but typically ignore walls or windows. There can be plenty of dust around floors or any surfaces. You can wash your windows and doors using a damp cloth. Eliminate glass screens from windows inside the residence. We do not recommend the use and maintenance of cleaning solvents on windows. Cleaning windows is easy using an agitator. Add ammonia to water and clean with a soft cloth. If you're having trouble getting the dirt and dust off your windows, you can use a toothbrush to scrub away at the grime. For really stubborn spots, you can use a little bit of vinegar. Just make sure you don't use too much, as it can damage the window's surface.

Use a Washing Machine

Cleaning your home is a daunting task. It can be challenging if you do not have the proper equipment. A washing machine can make your life much easier by helping you clean all of your surfaces quickly and easily. You can use a washing machine to clean your floors, walls, ceilings, and even your furniture. If you are looking for a washing machine, there are a few things that you should consider. The first thing that you should consider is the size of the washing machine. You want to make sure that you choose a large machine to accommodate your needs.

Do You Suffer From Severe Allergies? Protect Yourself

Clean will remove snow stains from items inside and outside the rugs. Be careful when using them for people suffering from allergic reactions to cleaning products. Wear a rubber glove, mask, scarf, or hair mask when spring cleaning. Protective apparel can stop skin irritation when the item goes outside its protective zone. People with asthma should avoid dust mites, cigarette smoke, and other allergens. Pets can also cause problems for people with allergies. If you're allergic to cats, keep them out of the room. If you are allergic to dogs, keep them outside.

If your home is free of pets and you still suffer from severe allergies, you may want to seek professional help. Professionals use equipment that sucks the dust out of the air and leaves your home free of allergens. You will be able to breathe easily and enjoy your clean home without any allergy symptoms. When it comes to allergies, prevention is the best cure. So, before you start your spring cleaning, take some time to prepare. Protect yourself from potential allergens and enjoy a clean and healthy home!


Geolance offers professional spring cleaning services that will take care of every nook and cranny in your home. We'll deep clean every surface, remove all the dust mites, and leave your home looking and feeling refreshed. Wouldn't it be nice to come home to a clean and organized house after a long day at work? Let us take care of the cleaning for you to relax and enjoy your free time. Post a project with us today!

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