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Every one of us wants to use only good-quality software. Maybe you know that software development is a painstaking work of a huge team working to achieve a common goal. This goal is to meet the needs and desires of target users.

Before release, every product should pass a test on crashes, errors, and compliance. The Quality Assurance Department is working for this goal achievement. Usability testing — one of the most popular testing types — this is verifying products (the web, mobile, desktop application, software or specific device) convenience. To test usability is a very important task in the QA Process. Usability testing companies engaged in either manual testing or automated testing devote much time and attention to check usability in the best possible way. Because a successful business needs a quality product which will satisfy the target audience’s need.

The Geolance digital marketplace is offering the best specialists in usability testing. Our experts are experienced in all testing types and know a lot about methodologies, approaches, and tools for your product. Also, quality control engineers in Geolance, use all required documentation for better organization testing process (Test Plan, Test Cases, Issue Reports, etc.)

What are the main goals of usability testing software?

Usability testing is very important for every product that is released which people will use.

The main goals are:

To check how the product required functions and interface are available for every user
To test the product and how it is easy to use and explore it
To make sure that the product is attractive for the target audience
To save money on early testing (avoiding errors after release)
To improve the product’s final version quality
Using Geolance marketplace for hiring usability testing specialists gives you a great possibility to save money. Also on our website, you can evaluate your product using a unique project cost estimator.

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