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Expert wearable application development for various devices
Geolance is a wearable app development marketplace that provides wearable device app development experts and maintenance. We offer only high-quality services that will satisfy all your requirements and needs. Be creative and think about your individuality and your customers will see that through the app. We can help you to put all your wild ideas into action.
As apple watch app development professionals, we specialize in customized wearable application development for various devices like smartwatches and glasses. Our wearable app experts continuously get new expertise and knowledge to provide innovative solutions to our clients. We offer end-to-end services to help you design, conceptualize and build robust and engaging applications. Our wearable app development solutions will help you to stay ahead of your competitors. Whether it is fitness, lifestyle, medical, utilities or gaming, our wearable specialists will bring your vision to life.
Our services include:
Development consultations
Use our expertise in evaluating and digital prototyping of wearable solutions. We offer professional consultations from initial concept evaluation to effective integrations with other systems.
API & back-end systems development
We develop software backend systems for wearable for scalability and analytics. Also, we optimize web and on-device interfaces for intuitive controls, data visualization and building API.
Wearables interface design & user experience
Our experts create functional and intuitive apps that meet the complex requirements of device display, data processing and embedded programming.
Payments with wearables
It is becoming really popular to pay with smartwatches or even with stylish bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. With modern IoT technology, we can help you create an app for paying with smart jewellery.
Build an application for popular wearable devices
Regardless if it is glasses or smartwatches, our expert team can design and create an app that takes user experience to the next level. We use our expertise in iOS application and Android wearable development to provide innovative services to various niches. 
Google Glass app
We strive ahead to transform the way you promote your business and reach the target audience, with our custom-made Google glass apps.
Android wear app
Android is one of the top wearables platforms. It undoubtedly has a significant user base. Our experts are specialized in Android wearable app development and can help you create successful wearable applications for the Android wears.
iWatch app
Our wearable app developers are experienced in iWatch apps. Geolance wearable applications will deliver the best user experience to your users.
Benefits of Geolance wearable solutions
Multiple endpoints, use case scenarios & interaction options
Our wearable technology development and UX go far beyond touch-based controls and screen boundaries. We utilize AR and VR functionality, on-screen information overlays, eye tracking, gesture controls, motion capture and voice recognition. That makes our UX design aesthetic and functional at the same time, which is appealing to non-intrusive industrial design, convenient data visualization and intuitive controls.
All data at your fingertips
Geolance experts work with a variety of fitness trackers with pedometers, heart-rate monitors and sleep sensors. Those include the Apple Watch and Android Wear-powered devices:
Chest straps
Shoe-contained devices
Fabric-contained devices
Hands-free control & guidance
Our specialists help companies find efficient app use cases of wearables and various attachable data loggers. Also, we help with robotics and connected equipment:
Smart glasses
Head-mounted displays
AR-equipped scanners
Smart Scales
Smart controller gloves
Wearable LED-wristbands and lighting devices 
Digital concierges
Always alert
Safety - is the most important use case for wearables. Apart from the emergency applications that can work with sensor data from nearly any device, Geolance can help develop the potential of:
Wearable cameras and camera-based accessories
Surveillance devices
•       High-tech contact lens
Pet tracking collars for smartglasses 

Unlock device potential & create an innovative app with Geolance
When you start planning wearable applications you should keep in mind: possible power drains, low memory footprint, redefined UX, limited screen real estate if any, and connection problems. Geolance has engineers that are experts in delivering on software, hardware and networking lines. We are working in the following application areas:
Wearable computers
Fitness bracelets
Wearable cameras
Activity trackers
Devices for healthcare 
Vital signs monitors
Shoe-contained devices
Fabric-contained devices
Surveillance devices
Augmented Reality headsets
Virtual and mixed reality devices
Smart and entertainment accessories
Geolance business models
We offer different Business Models to suit the budget of every client.
Fixed cost/ fixed time project model
Suited for defined and fixed project specification
Re-negotiation over the required changes
Create long-term business relationships
Less flexible
Dedicated team model (DTM)
Working according to client’s business needs and requirements
Easy integration with current clients’ process
Establish a long-term business relationship
Flexibility and cost-effective resource
Time & material model (T&M)
Best for projects where requirements may vary with time
Suited for clients that are looking to grow their Technical Team
Great for long-term projects
Hourly/monthly rates are charged

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