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One of the services that specialists in the Geolance marketplace offer are web application testing. It makes sure that after your product launch, there will be no negative feedback on the user's flooding. So what exactly does a web app tester do?

Make sure there are no broken links and the website functions correctly;
Check how visible your website is for search engines, test web pages for whether it is easy for major search engines like Google to crawl them;
Testing a web application for user-friendliness, both on desktop and mobile devices;
User interface testing, as in the conditions of the competitive web market. Not only functionality but appearance matters and that should be included in web testing too;
Testing web applications for how efficiently they work with databases and correct performance queries.
Verify compatibility with browsers, as that is the core of web functioning;
Conduct a performance website test to make sure your site will be able to cope with the desired number of users coming in;
Security checks, since the security software is of high value and the users must be able to trust you, which will add up to their loyalty.
All these web application testing processes include functionality, usability, performance, compatibility and security testing, based on thoroughly designed test cases and using manual testing techniques as well as automation tools where it is necessary for a quicker and better outcome. Web application testers from the Geolance digital marketplace use all these web application processes and tools on practice to make your product quality and desired by users.

With specialists on our platform, you will be able to reap the benefits of the web testing framework elaborated by our skilled specialists, as we strive to create a continuous quality assurance system. They will provide you with efficient and consultative web app testing for a reasonable cost, which, by the way, you can calculate in advance on our website. Therefore, your product will bring you high traffic and customer satisfaction.

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