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Asset tracking is one of the crucial tasks for organizations regardless of what size and class they belong in. Traditionally the company has to manage the asset through an excel sheet in the form of ledgers. This is a huge mistake that has left many organizations wasting time compiling inaccurate reports, leading to wrong decisions and poor financial results. Asset tracking software is a digital, centralized system that allows your organization to track important details about each asset in real-time.

An asset tracking software provides information about the lost assets, unused assets, or assets that require repairs and maintenance, helping users take action at the right time, which ultimately ensures the organization's financial stability. Asset tracking software brings all your equipment data into one place you can access at your fingertips so you can find things more accessible, take a more proactive approach to maintenance, and make smarter purchasing decisions by understanding the total cost of ownership. Using asset tracking software automates manual processes involved in asset management. A complete asset management solution comes with a comprehensive log for each asset - starting from procurement to retirement. Efficient asset tracking software allows customizing exactly what you are looking for in an asset management solution. Each asset management solution reviewed here is capable of tracking your computer systems. However, they vary widely in their strengths.

Any valuable tracking software containing assets in their database can effectively eliminate these difficulties. Asset management suite improves visibility into IT assets at every point in the lifecycle to reduce costs and fulfill compliance initiatives. In addition, it can help organizations by enabling managers to be updated in real-time about their assets based upon their quantity location usage and maintenance etc. ultimately. As a result, it may save time and money. We have assembled a list of the seven most reliable free and open-source asset tracking systems to avoid this issue.

Choosing the right asset management software can be daunting. There are many moving parts within an asset management software program, and programs can vary widely in their feature sets and pricing. Your challenge begins with choosing from more than two dozen asset management software providers.  

Pricing for asset management software varies depending on the features offered and the pricing method. Some asset management software providers base their pricing on the number of users, while others base it on the number of assets or a combination of the two. Some providers charge a flat annual fee based on a range of users and purchases. So, it isn't easy to compare pricing unless you know precisely what you are looking for in an asset management software system. 

When appropriately implemented, asset management software can lower the administrative costs of tracking assets, reduce human errors, and save the business time and resources that can be put towards revenue-generating functions. It can also provide the framework for holding employees accountable for properly handling assets.

More importantly, asset management software can provide deep insights into business performance by identifying trends of asset utilization and understanding how they contribute to the business's growth.

The popularity of the Cloud

The adoption of cloud computing across the globe is rising rapidly. Many organizations have already benefited from its services. They are now providing their information technology infrastructure to customers through the utility computing model. However, with mobile devices flooding the workplace, increasingly complex cloud technologies, licensed-based Software, and more frequent updates, the management and tracking of IT assets has become much more complicated. 

Cloud computing has many names like Utility Computing, Platform as a Service(PaaS), Software as a Service(SaaS), etc. Cloud computing is the new trend in the IT industry. Many organizations are opting for cloud computing services to be more productive and save costs on infrastructure. However, the demand for advanced infrastructure has increased day by day, so it's pretty challenging to manage them all simultaneously.

The benefits of migrating your data into the AWS Cloud are compelling: Scalability and Elasticity, low cost of infrastructure, and potential cost savings. For example, it is estimated that a typical enterprise will have the ability to save 35% on running costs when using cloud computing versus traditional IT deployments.

Making a move from on-premise data centers to AWS Cloud services offers many advantages that can reduce ongoing expenses while also enhancing your business agility. Engaging an AWS Cloud migration consultant's assistance can help your company plan, budget, migrate, and manage workloads within the AWS Cloud more effectively.

Are you tired of tracking assets manually?

Interest: We have a solution for you. Geolance is an end-to-end asset management system that allows organizations to track their assets in real-time and reduce the risk of loss or damage. In addition, it helps companies manage their assets more efficiently by providing them with a complete view of all their assets, where they are located, how much they cost, and what condition they're in at any given moment.

With Geolance, you can easily monitor your entire fleet from anywhere on the globe using our mobile app or web dashboard. You can also set up alerts so that if something happens to one of your vehicles – like it breaks down or gets stolen – we'll notify you right away so that action can be taken immediately.

This way, no matter where your vehicle is located worldwide, whether it's parked outside your office building or halfway across town at a client site, we make sure you know exactly what's going on with it every step of the way. And because we provide 24/7 support via phone and email as well as live chat software built into our platform - there's always someone available to answer any questions about your account whenever needed!

What is Asset Management

Asset management can be defined as the practice of managing and optimizing organizations' assets (e.g., equipment, people, supplies, facilities) to generate value through its practical application by balancing between essential risks and resources. It is an organizational function that focuses on maximizing the value of assets under its control or influence towards desired objectives for the current and future benefit of the organization. It is an ongoing process that needs to be regularly performed to avoid low productivity and even business failure. Asset management software provides businesses with a streamlined process for tracking assets with efficient data management. AMS delivers complete visibility into asset costs, usage, and return on investment for improved business performance insight.

Managing the end-of-life of your technology assets through asset recycling is becoming more critical than ever before. With all the benefits of cloud computing, many organizations are also focusing on how they can cut down on their IT expenses.

If you compare the costs of running your equipment and having an outside cloud computing provider handle all your requirements, it is clear that taking advantage of the Cloud is a more economical option. Therefore, organizations need to understand how they can take advantage of the latest technology available and, at the same time, work towards reducing their operating expenses through asset recycling.

Notifying and keeping track of changes in your environment (and keeping these changes documented) with a change management system helps organizations adhere to regulatory compliance policies such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). It also helps accelerate recovery time from disasters by providing accurate lists of configuration items. These lists, made up of hardware and software assets, replace hard-to-manage paper-based lists and spreadsheets.

The free Digital Optimization app can help you increase agility while reducing the cost of IT infrastructure. It allows you to classify, track, manage and optimize your assets in a centralized location, which will ultimately save time and money by letting you focus on the most important things that drive your organization's success.

AssetTiger is a well-featured asset management software that can be accessed through the web, mobile phone, or tablet. The best thing about this asset management tool is that you can track your assets anytime from anywhere. You can even categorize your assets, which simplifies tracking and managing the assets. However, managers and their support teams working in the field may need specialized reporting, customization, and features that aren't readily visible to the employees assigned specific business assets. This is where today's asset management software can help. Modern asset management software systems hosted in the Cloudlet businesses manage assets without the cost and maintenance of owning a server. 

Inventory Driven - Asset Management can help organizations realize risks associated with managing a heterogeneous mix of applications, hardware, and services across multiple locations/datacenters. Cloud Initiative planning is a significant challenge for enterprise CIOs. Managing the end-of-life of assets or disposing of old equipment can be costly if not handled properly. Implementation professionals need tools to aid them in finding the most cost-effective ways to meet the cloud computing demand.

Benefits of a Cloud Computing Asset Management System: • Improved asset visibility with accurate, up-to-date information about current and future cloud assets - 24/7 from virtually anywhere

• Reduced costs associated with capital expenditures due to avoidance of acquiring unnecessary hardware, which ultimately translates into an increase in your profitability

• Enhanced IT security as all your organization's data is stored securely on remote servers instead of locally available on hard disks, which can be stolen or damaged.

How Digital Optimization App Supports Your Organization

Identify potential savings through depreciating assets faster » Digital Optimization tracks your assets. Hence, you know when it has reached the end of its life cycle and needs to be depreciated for tax purposes instead of purchasing a new one.

Digital Optimization app tracks your assets and helps you generate reports with the information compiled from those assets. You can also track assets that are still under warranty and those that have been disposed of as far as they go into the history of your organization. If you want to track assets in the most efficient way possible, consider choosing a reliable asset tracking system by thoroughly examining the pros and cons of each asset tracking system presented on the market to manage assets. Solid enough IT asset trackers must hit the critical points for this category: excellent reporting and tracking tools and support for physical and virtual assets.

By doing this, you can easily find out if there is any way to realize some additional savings on IT costs by depreciating assets faster than it already is happening. For example, if all your servers and hardware equipment have crossed the 3-year depreciation threshold and according to current depreciation policies, nothing happens until they cross five years, then spreading their depreciation over four years could help you save thousands of dollars.

Maintain accurate records of all your assets » Digital Optimization helps you maintain effective accountability of your assets. It also keeps track of all documents which contain information about the support; it makes sure that no one in your organization is misplacing any vital information and hence could be at risk. In addition, it provides complete transparency throughout the life cycle of an asset.

Digital Optimization app can help you identify any gaps in your current infrastructure or technological capabilities. Doing this can save time and money in making future changes by finding out precisely what is needed for growth and expansion well before it happens.

IT Help Desk Plus Asset Management

Digital Optimization app offers a one-stop-shop for all your IT asset management and reporting needs. With Digital Optimization, you can generate reports that will help you to:

• Understand where all your hardware and software licenses are currently being used.

• Track the status of the license keys, like whether they have been activated or not.

• Identify what is no longer in use and can be removed from your organization's IT landscape to save costs & make room for new things. This ensures compliance with corporate policies and compliance with the company's internal security protocols by removing any unused assets that may pose a risk if not disposed of properly.

What are you tracking

• Server hardware & software licenses

• IT equipment including computers, printers, etc.

• Videoconferencing equipment

When you start using Digital Optimization app, depending on the configuration of your organization's existing system, it will either import everything in one go or keep adding to the inventory over time. It will help you understand your infrastructure and find out if any gaps need to be filled before utilizing new ones. High-quality programs should be able to track assets located in multiple locations, Including advanced inventory management features like generating barcodes, enabling easy shipment processing, etc. Its inventory management module combines inventory and asset management under one platform and includes managing assets at multiple locations and moving between locations.

A sound cloud computing asset management system can enable maximum productivity for your team while minimizing the risk of downtime due to technical issues. So, if your organization is considering moving to cloud computing in any way, shape, or form - better get started with asset management today!

Data Security as a Service?

One of the best features of the Digital Optimization app is that it allows you to track devices even when your employees are using them. So, for example, if one of your employees uses a laptop that is still in warranty while travelling for business purposes with his company - he will be able to input the asset information manually or automatically with Digital Optimization tracking software. Once this information has been recorded, you can generate reports on assets under warranty or outside their warranty period.

Digital Optimization helps organizations manage virtualized virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) and other cloud computing models more effectively, along with traditional networks. VDI's main benefit is a more efficient use of hardware resources due to more consolidated user populations. However, it is not an automatic fit for every organization. Digital Optimization helps you ensure that your VDI/Cloud computing infrastructure is configured correctly, so it benefits-improved resource utilization while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Digital Optimization allows users to track physical devices and IT Assets in a fast, secure and reliable manner from anywhere at any time. With this application, you will have access to tools that will help you maintain control over your entire hardware & Software inventory without incurring additional costs.

Digital Optimization is an asset tracking solution that includes Asset Management, Service Level Management, and ITIL 4 integration capabilities. It provides a complete overview of your IT infrastructure and hardware & software inventory, allowing you to maximize efficiency and ensure compliance within your organization's policies and internal security protocols in the process.

Digital Optimization helps you make the right decisions when investing in new technology or upgrading existing capital equipment. In addition, you can create various reports which will enable you to fully understand how exactly things are performing at any given time for day-to-day management purposes along with long-term planning.

When it comes time to migrate from an older platform (manually) or if you need automation tools for migrating data between different platforms (e.g., Cloud, VDI, etc.) - Digital Optimization provides you with the ability to support that migration process. But, again, this is done without disrupting other systems or operations currently in place.


Digital Optimization provides the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of your organization's hardware & software assets. This means you can track them from procurement, installation, and configuration through retirement once they are no longer used. In addition, it allows you to fully understand where your organization stands concerning such things as license compliance (e.g., Open Source or Third Party licenses), hard drive capacity utilization, along with monitoring changes that occur either automatically or manually over time across all devices, including mobile devices such as laptops and tablets.

Digital Optimization is a solution that combines tracking, reporting, and automation capabilities within a single platform. The objective of this application is to provide users with an efficient way of managing their entire IT inventory regardless of whether it is traditional networks or cloud/virtualized infrastructures.

Why should I be interested in this product?

Digital Optimization supports any hardware regardless of vendor and operating system. It allows you to demonstrate compliance with internal policies and standards and ensures products and services align with SLA's (Service Level Agreements). In addition, the automation capabilities that come with this solution will help you keep your organization competitive through reporting on capacity utilization along with license compliance status - giving you complete control over your capital equipment investments at all times.

Optimization also offers migration tools that can help you manage the change from legacy systems to newer platforms such as VDI and Cloud.

Digital Optimization supports any hardware regardless of vendor and operating system. In addition, it allows you to demonstrate compliance with internal policies and standards and ensures products and services align with SLA's (Service Level Agreements).

The automation capabilities that come with this solution will help you keep your organization competitive through reporting on capacity utilization along with license compliance status - giving you complete control over your capital equipment investments at all times. Optimization also offers migration tools that can help you manage the change from legacy systems to newer platforms such as VDI/Cloud. In addition, the asset Management Suite enables organizations to take control, uncover savings, and ensure compliance of IT assets. With an accurate picture of assets throughout their lifecycle, IT can optimize investments, eliminate the purchase of unnecessary software, and avoid penalties and fines due to non-compliance.

How would I purchase this product?

For current users, there is an online store that provides support. You can also renew support plans or purchase new licenses at any time via this resource. For individuals that are not in your organization, Digital Optimization offers a unique management solution in addition to the business class platform available in the application itself.

What is its ideal target audience?

Digital Optimization's target audience would be any size organization that has established IT processes in place along with requirements for providing reports to governing bodies (e.g., SOX compliance). Additionally, it allows users to manage their entire infrastructure regardless of where it may reside, either locally within individual locations or centralized through cloud/virtualized infrastructures along with software-defined networks.

The industry standard for asset management is ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). This library provides best practices for process management, incident and problem management, change management, capacity planning, etc. Digital Optimization supports this standard and helps organizations fulfill their requirements for asset control and compliance reporting.

Digital Optimization also supports any hardware regardless of vendor and operating system. It allows you to demonstrate compliance with internal policies and standards and ensures products and services align with SLA's (Service Level Agreements). The automation capabilities that come with this solution will help you keep your organization competitive through reporting on capacity utilization along with license compliance status - giving you complete control over your capital equipment investments at all times. Optimization also offers migration tools that can help you manage the change from legacy systems to newer platforms such as VDI/Cloud.

How do I get started with Digital Asset Management?

Digital assets are stored in a cloud-based repository accessible via web browsers or mobile devices using an internet connection. This allows users complete mobility when accessing their content. With this solution, there is no need to purchase additional hardware to organize and secure your company's digital assets. There are no setup fees or long-term contracts, which mean minimal upfront costs and little risk for businesses of all sizes. You can try out the tools for free before you purchase a license.

In addition, Digital Optimization offers free training videos on their website. These videos cover all the fundamentals of asset management and can be accessed from any device with Internet access, even when you are away from your desk.

Digital Asset Management provides organizations with an easy solution to compliance reporting that keeps you in line with industry standards such as SOX, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS, for example. Additionally, with its automated tools and desktop/mobile access, users have a user-friendly interface at their fingertips which facilitates compliance management regardless of where they may reside physically - either locally within individual locations or centrally through cloud/virtualized infrastructures along with software-defined networks if you need assistance managing your organization's digital assets or require support with licensing and reporting, then why not go to the vendor that provides a solution that supports every type of IT environment.

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