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Whoever said, "the more he gets, the more he gets." There are a lot of whiteboard filmmakers out there. It's straightforward to find a solution to avoid pickles. But marketing is the way it plays out – and not just this! It's a wise decision based on your chosen company choice! You mainly use whiteboard advertising to promote your product/brand to your audience!

Clients turned brand ambassadors!

Clients are happier than ever since they get to concentrate on their production. They don't have to worry about anything else because our video company produces whiteboard videos based on the client's specifications. In addition, the clients can be part of the production process by providing feedback or guidance during filming sessions. This is what makes whiteboard animation last! Clients who talk about your business - making it more reputable and dependable in the long run!

If you are tired of boring explainer videos that people watch for like 5 seconds before they close the tab

Geolance makes those videos interesting again by using whiteboard animation. That's right, you can see the person talking to you, and it feels like they're in the room with you. Plus, our videos are 3D, so it's like you're right there in action!

Not only are our videos exciting and engaging, but we also make sure that your target audience is front and center. We want to make sure that your video reaches as many people as possible so they can learn about your product or service. Click this ad to watch a free whiteboard animation video by Geolance!

Reasons to choose whiteboard animation videos.

Whiteboard animation videos are known for their ability to engage viewers. It's enough that these 3D animated videos feel like your target audience is talking to you! This is what makes whiteboard video production effective for various types of businesses. The only thing missing now would be the experience of watching it!

Covering the basics of whiteboard video production!

Here are the basics of whiteboard video production:

The client explains what they need. The process starts with an outlining meeting where the client can explain their ideas to our creative team. This meeting will determine if we communicate well or not! We would sketch the next step for approval before moving on to the actual production stage. Once all goes well during this stage, we move on to filming and voice-over recording. Once everything's done - post-production! We put all the components together until it becomes a finished product that you can use as your commercial or advertisement to promote your business!

Five key aspects to consider when choosing a Whiteboard Animation Video Company!

One final word worth mentioning would be the cost to make a whiteboard video. Each company comes with a different price point depending on how much experience they have in this field! We recommend comparing prices and finding a balance between quality vs. cost. Just know that you're fully covered from start to finish when you choose our team because we take pride in everything we do as a whiteboard animation video production company which is why we've been featured as one of the best companies by Google!

Top of Whiteboard Animation Software to look out for in 2021!

We predict that people will always want to save money and time with the way things are going. This is why we're confident about our product and service. We've already proven our worth as a trustworthy company! So what's next? To create more whiteboard videos, of course! Because not only do we make it possible for your business to be viral - but we can help you keep it alive by offering fresh content regularly! But don't worry because every project is driven with a single purpose in mind: building a solid brand behind your product/service! Everything else falls into place after that. It's a guaranteed success once you have us by your side working as a team every step until 2020 ends and 2021 starts!

Top Whiteboard Video Companies & DIY Animation Tools for Your Business!

In conclusion, it's about time that you take a leap of faith and invest in a company that will produce results for your business. We're the type of company to go all out for our clients - because we want them to feel safe whenever they see us as their partner in this venture! Are you ready? Get a free quote from Greeting Farm today because every minute you hesitate is another moment wasted on something else. But what if it's too early to tell? In order words, what if you still have reservations or doubts about hiring us as your whiteboard video production company?

You are an excellent company because75% of our clients are still unsure whether or not to hire us!

Don't worry - because you're not alone in this one. All you have to do is ask your friends, family members, and peers for their opinions on Greeting Farm as a potential whiteboard animation video production company. This way, you won't just gain insights, but it will also help us improve our services to serve you better next time around! Whiteboard animation videos aren't just about the process of creating one for your business. It's more about how these videos can inspire people to buy your product/service. As long as they feel good after watching - then there's no doubt that the commercial worked like a charm!

Whiteboard Animation Video For Sports!

Do you want to buy or sell? Do you want to rent or hire, advertise or promote? Whatever your business aims to do, the key here is that video marketing has been proven as a powerful tool in making those things happen. It's been said repeatedly that everyone from small businesses up to big corporations is now investing more resources into whiteboard animation videos as part of their digital marketing strategies for 2019 and 2020! So don't be left out because if there's one thing we can promise you would never regret - it will be having us create a whiteboard video for your brand using our custom animation services before the end of 2020! So what are you waiting for?

Reasons you need a whiteboard video.

Whiteboard video production isn't just about creating a short animated clip that explains your products/services or boosts brand awareness without sounding too sales. Instead, it's all about updating the world about how you're doing as a business and what efforts you're putting into everything you do! Spelling these things using whiteboard animation is precisely what makes it so effective. It doesn't just help with marketing but can also help improve conversions which ultimately helps grow your business. Need more reasons to convince you that this is something worth investing in? Here are some of the most compelling arguments why our service has made countless businesses succeed over the years:

You're probably curious - so why not learn more? All of us here at Greeting Farm have dedicated our lives to providing the best whiteboard animation services you can ever hire out there on the web! So would it be a kindness if we let you know that this isn't just a gimmick but a real business? You see, we've been around since 2013 and started as a small team of freelancers who eventually became successful entrepreneurs by producing videos for some of the biggest companies in Australia. We're now ready to take on new clients from all over the world because, as they say, "the sky is no longer the limit"! Greeting Farm will always give 100% dedication to ensure that your investment in hiring us is worth every minute!

Cost of making a whiteboard video

As much as we wish that there's a simple answer to your question, the truth is it varies. That's because every project is different since they can't be compared to one another in terms of scope and scale - not unless you're talking about quantity/quality! Generally speaking, the creation process for whiteboard animation videos take anywhere from 4-8 weeks, depending on your business needs and available budget.

Professional animators who create awesome videos like these will always need time to ensure that their finished products are nothing short of masterpiece quality. Of course, hiring new animators are part of our service levels which can lower costs dramatically, but this means you'll have to wait more days before you get something fabulous! From here, pricing will be subjected to the number of revisions needed, extra features or characters requested during creation, and how long the video will run - among many other factors. A good whiteboard video company is a perfect choice for you if you don't want to take too much effort yourself.

Check out our "Creative Process" page, which showcases our entire approach to making whiteboard animation videos! It's easy to understand why we've become known as one of the best content creators here on Upwork! This whiteboard animation company is the ultimate choice for video production services. Choosing the right whiteboard video company is crucial for your marketing strategy. Only the best whiteboard video companies will benefit your business.

Whiteboard Animation Video For Law Firms

This is something you should find helpful if you're looking for an estimate about how much your project would cost - regardless of whether you have a small/large budget or what kind of special effects are required. You'll need to consider that no two projects are ever alike, so being flexible can help lower costs drastically! Do you want your video to run for exactly 60 seconds?

Shorter than that? Longer than the usual time frame? Your answers will affect cost but don't worry because our whiteboard animation service can accommodate your needs! Here are some of the factors you'll need to consider before getting in touch with us:

Being one of the biggest law firms out there, you've probably learned about how helpful it is to use visual aids when delivering information. Everyone's attention span isn't the same, so this is why Greeting Farm has an extensive library of stock images and videos that provide clients with real-life examples - hence why they're easy to understand even by non-lawyers! Please don't take our word for it. Check out our portfolio of work to see why we're the best!

Just how much do you think it would cost to hire an entire team of animators and video editors? Keep in mind that this is just for a few weeks - not until the end of time. We can promise you 100% quality without burning a hole in your pocket! Of course, there are limitations, but our flexible services levels cater to each client's needs. You can rest assured that your investment is safe with us because all whiteboard animation videos come with a satisfaction guarantee! Whiteboard Video For Software Company

In today's world, having many apps gives software companies an edge over their competitors, which is why hiring Greeting Farm can give them the extra edge they need to convince their clients! With our whiteboard animation service, people can now explain any software through this unique medium which hints to their clients how efficient they can be with us on board! Check out some samples here.

What are the benefits of having a whiteboard video for your business? First, you'll never run out of ways to explain your products or services because visual aids are more efficient at doing so. Second, clients will always understand - regardless if it's their first time using your product/service. Third, it can boost conversions by introducing new features not found on other platforms. Not only that, but video marketing is no longer reserved for big companies - entrepreneurs can also do this since technology has lowered the quality bar!

Whiteboard Animation Service

You'll always need a video to explain things better through a dynamic medium. This is why you should consider hiring Greeting Farm's whiteboard animation service - one of the biggest names today in terms of content creation! Imagine being able to tell your clients about everything they need to know about your products/services without them flying off the handle at each detail. We can certainly help you capture their attention and keep it for as long as possible with our unique style! In addition, Whiteboard video production companies can provide you with services on creating a specific marketing video to benefit your marketing strategy.

Whiteboard Video Service For Restaurants

With people's busy lifestyles nowadays, going out for a meal can't be that often. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't try getting people into your restaurant because there are many ways to introduce your menu to potential customers! One of which is through a whiteboard video service. Check out our portfolio to see how we can help you get the word out there about your food business!

Who wouldn't want a professional explainer video for their restaurant? Imagine telling them everything they need to know in a short period. Forget about having them memorize what's written on your menu because this is something that not everyone does nowadays! Here at Greeting Farm, we have hundreds of stock images and videos for you to choose from, so you'll never run out of ideas when it comes to explaining your products or services. Just tell us what theme you're going with, and we'll do the rest!

Whiteboard Video For Interior Design Company

With the advancement of technology, things are now starting to look smaller yet much more powerful. The same thing goes for smartphones and computers because they now come with high-definition screens that make watching videos easy on the eyes! So if you want to show your potential clients what you're capable of doing when it comes to interior design, why not give them an idea? A whiteboard video can help you do just that, so click here to see some samples!

Do you know that whiteboard animation is one of the most popular forms of content marketing today? People love watching these kinds of videos because there's nothing complicated about them. They're easy to understand even by non-designers which is why they're very effective at getting your message across! Not only that, but it can also boost conversions by showing them what you're capable of doing even before they take the first step. You don't have to worry about explaining stuff because Greeting Farm will do just that for you. Create whiteboard videos that will benefit your company.

Whiteboard Video For Dentist Office

Wouldn't it be great if your clients didn't have to memorize everything written on your business card? Well, with our whiteboard animated video service, you can show them everything they need to know quickly and efficiently! Watch one here so you'll get the idea of how we help businesses looking for this kind of service. The best part is there's no limit to what we can do, which makes our prices very affordable compared to the competition!

I'm sure you're surprised by how much we can do in such a short amount of time and with minimal effort on your end. So what are you waiting for? First, click the link below to start working with us ASAP! Then, please fill out the form and have one of our friendly representatives walk you through our packages to know more about what we offer.

Whiteboard Video For Law Firm

Technology advances every single day, which is why people need more than just a business card or flyer these days. You have to show them more - capture their attention even before taking the first step! This is where Greeting Farm's whiteboard video service comes in - a powerful marketing tool that gets everyone's attention, not just for a few seconds but for as long as you like! Click the link to see what we offer and start working with us today!

If you're looking for a way to increase your conversions, there's no need to look further because we have everything you'll ever need. Our whiteboard video service is not just affordable but accessible to the eyes - something that will impact those who watch it. Not only does it tell them about your law firm quickly and efficiently, but it also helps attract lead generation too! So don't waste any time fantasizing about the possibilities - click the link now and contact us ASAP! We guarantee 100% satisfaction, so there's nothing to lose here except more leads and higher conversions.

I'm sure you're surprised by how much we can do in such a short amount of time and with minimal effort on your end. So what are you waiting for? First, click the link below to start working with us ASAP! Then, please fill out the form and have one of our friendly representatives walk you through our packages to know more about our offer.

Whiteboard Video For Plumbing Company

There's no need to worry about explaining stuff anymore because Greeting Farm will do just that for you. Our whiteboard animation video service is exactly what you'll need to make sure clients get everything they need from your business quickly and easily. We've been doing this long enough to know which words work best with each kind of audience, so there's nothing to worry about! Click the link to see what we offer and start working with us today!

I'm sure you're surprised by how much we can do in such a short amount of time and with minimal effort on your end. So what are you waiting for? First, click the link below to start working with us ASAP! Then, please fill out the form and have one of our friendly representatives walk you through our packages to know more about what we offer.

Top 15 Whiteboard Animation Video Companies Out There

Whiteboard video production has taken the corporate world by storm. If yours is one of those businesses that want to be ahead of the game, then good news! Many companies out there provide whiteboard animation services, but not all of them deliver excellent results. To help you find one that won't break your bank, here's a list compiled from different sources across the web with their corresponding basic information included:

Name | Location | Services Offered  | Link

Greeting Farm Headquarters | London, UK Production & Post-Production Video Animation Website

According to professionals in this field, it's best to distinguish between whiteboard animation production and post-production or editing. While both processes can benefit a company, the latter is more for refining a video that has already been filmed. This involves editing and adding effects to make production more concise and appealing. On the other hand, a whiteboard animation production involves making one from scratch using illustrations or graphics into an engaging motion graphic animation.

Whiteboard Animation Post-Production Services

Clients won't always have the skillset needed to produce their videos, so they hire professional companies to do it for them. According to those who have done this before, some of the best post-production services include colour correction, audio sweetening, voice-over recording, etc. - depending on what your client wants, of course! Then, of course, there's also the option of uploading raw footage for clients to promote their brand.

Creating A Whiteboard Animation Video  - How It Works

There are two primary ways of making your whiteboard animation video: either you come up with an idea or hire someone else to do it for you. Of course, the latter is only possible when working with top-notch companies like Greeting Farm Whiteboard Animation, which can make one based on your specifications! Then, all you have to do is fill up this order form, and we'll get started right away - that simple! If you'd rather be part of the process, though, then some tips will help you create a great video without much hassle. Here they are:

1) Browse Through Similar Projects On Our Portfolio You'll see that most of the videos we have there are also made for our existing clients, which is why they're all great. However, if you still don't think so, feel free to check out what other people have said about us on different review websites - after all, no company's perfect!

2) Tell Us Your Idea From here on, we can work together or alone, depending on your preference. All you have to do is tell us what you want from a whiteboard animation video, and we'll get started right away. Remember, though, that this process includes coming up with ideas that will eventually be turned into an engaging motion graphic animation video - meaning that creativity plays a significant role!

3) Compare The Concept With Our Portfolio This is where you get to compare your ideas with the work we've done in our portfolio. If it's close, then great! But if not, don't worry because this is only the beginning of the process, and there are still plenty of ways to make your idea come alive.

4) Let Us Create A Demo From Here We can either send you a video containing our interpretation of your concept or have us create one - it's entirely up to you. But, of course, what happens after is even more exciting so let us take care of that part while you sit back and watch how things turn out for yourself!

Whiteboard Animation Production  - The Basics As mentioned earlier, whiteboard animation production involves creating an original motion graphic animation from scratch. This is often used in advertising campaigns for brands and other companies who want to convey a specific message or create awareness about themselves. While this type of video may seem challenging to create, it can be made possible through several simple steps:

1) Communicate With The Client To get your client's approval on the kind of concept you have, all you have to do is share with them the idea behind your whiteboard animation production. Of course, once they give their stamp of approval, then that means we can start working on it - which brings us to the next point!

2) Create A Script To convert our ideas into an engaging motion graphic animation, you'll need a script from which we could base our work. This way, it will be easier to put everything together, and your audience will understand what you want from them!

3) Create A Storyboard From here on, we could start creating a storyboard that is nothing more than a long-form comic strip containing detailed visuals of each scene that will eventually appear in the video. To make things even better, this is where scriptwriters and animators work together to consolidate whatever ideas they've come up with into an engaging video clip - one that's relevant enough to the subject matter as well!

4) Storyboarding The Whiteboard Video After completing a storyboard for our whiteboard animation production, we can proceed with making the actual video. With all scenes laid out via a storyboard, animators can effectively make a video that tells its own unique story without much hassle. Plus, since all the scenes are already laid out in a comic strip format, we don't need to worry about layout and focus on the characters' movements and how smooth it looks when they switch from one scene to another!

5) Post-Production And Final Touches Once we've finished with the actual video production process, we will proceed with editing and finishing everything up. This is where special effects such as adding background music or adjusting sound levels come into play - not to mention colour grading because not all videos have white backgrounds, you know?

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